Plush Caplin Rous?

#1) Alien Caplin

#2) Sleepy 'bara

I am thinking of getting a plush toy version of me made. So far I’m considering one of two designs, as shown above. But this is not an inexpensive proposition to get a toy designed and the minimum order is 500 units. Before my owner and I do any of that, we thought we’d get the opinion of the fans to see if they are interested and what they would prefer if we choose to go ahead with this project.

Can you please answer the poll on the right side-bar and indicate whether you would be interested in a toy, which one and how much you might pay? We’ll leave the poll open until July 21st so you have some time to think.

Please post a comment if you have any insights or suggestions.  For example, would a beanie baby be okay or should it be a real plush toy? Is there some other drawing of me or pose that you think would work better?


Internet References to ME!

Here are some recent web pages and blogs that refer to me. Probably my fans should view these just to let them know how great you think I am. Not that I have a big head or anything. (I know. I do have a big head.) named me one of their 9 Most Unusual Pets. You should follow the links on the other pets too. Really amazing stuff!

ohhaveyouseenthis on posted a link to my Alien Capybara video.

Nothing to Do With Arbroath also posted a link to my Alien Capybara video. I think that is going to be one of my most popular videos. I look super cute in it.