Blog Paws 2011 – BZTAT

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Capycoppy & Super Gari with a painting of Brewskie Butt

There was a lot to learn and a lot to do at Blog Paws 2011 and almost all of it seemed to involve posing Capycoppy and Super Gari with various props. Some of my favorites were the amazing paintings by artist BZTAT. I have always loved BZ’s work, including the above painting of her famous cat, Brewskie Butt. I could hardly pass up the opportunity to have the plushies drinking his “morning brew.”

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What to wear?

Me in a bandanna

As always, I don’t like to brag but I do look pretty good in a red bandanna. The color suits my sorrel fur and sets off the darkness of my eyes. I probably don’t need to point that out to you because I’m sure you are thinking it yourself. And yet, this sets a dangerous precedent and there is no telling where it will lead.

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Eying the Eye

I hope everyone knows about the adorable puzzles we are selling for the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine. Melly started the Foundation right after Caplin Rous died as a way of honoring him. The puzzles are especially good for that because they are images of him and the money goes to his Foundation. Continue reading “Puzzles” »

Super Capy!

Super Me

It’s true that I have served as a muse for some very outstanding artists…it’s just too bad my owner isn’t one of them.

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Art, Artists and Capybaras

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I had an unpleasant email exchange this week regarding an old post on this blog. You can follow the link, but the relevant portion of the blog post is copied below. I am making the exchange public because it came as a complaint from the artist about my assessment of his work. I don’t know why he didn’t put a comment on the blog post rather than sending an email but it seems like he has a right to have his opinions heard and so I am giving him space here to do so. This will give all you readers the chance to form your own opinions based on his work and his comments.

Capybara in mural at Georgetown Library

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