Science Day 2012

Me with Sheldon

I should have known something was up when Sheldon came over to our house early one morning. Firstly, it was a very cold morning, frost on the cars! Sheldon does not like cold weather (and neither do I). Secondly, Sheldon came over at all. You’ve probably noticed if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, that Sheldon is no longer a big part of it. Turns out he was really Caplin Rous’ friend and not mine. I think he gets sad when he sees me. Or maybe I am just not his type.

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School Visit: Cedar Creek Elementary

It looks like rain, let's stay home.

I know I am a Capybara Ambassador (Capybassador)(in training) but I don’t know why that means I have to leave the comfort of my own home. Can’t I do everything through social media and TV? (More on that in my next blog post!) But no, Melly is all, “Sure, Gari would love to come visit your school!” I’m not saying I don’t want to visit, just that I’m scared.

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Capitol Capybara

Kimiko-san gave me a popsicle in the car

This is a long story because it was a long (but glorious!) day. I’m going to start at the beginning and hopefully you will stick with me to the end.

The photo above shows me with my favorite Japanese stalker, Kimiko-san, aka @CapybaraCamera on twitter and Facebook, feeding me a popsicle in the car. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat a popsicle while standing in a moving vehicle?

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Capybara Clown

Capybara Clown

See that photo above? It’s me as a clown. I’m seriously thinking of running away and joining the circus. I think I would be a big hit. The star attraction!

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Caplin Rous and Capybara

Me with the band Capybara

Me with the band Capybara

Believe it or don’t, there is a band called Capybara! I admit, Capybara is a great name for just about anything but still I was surprised when I learned that. Surprised and excited! I thought, this is going to be great! It will be just the kind of music I like. I won’t have to thrumm in displeasure like I do at Johnny Cash. Or just close my ears (one of the big perks of being a capybara is that we can literally close our ears) when my owner plays classical or The Cars. I do like The Killers and, of course Mountain Kids Fantasy, but how would they compare to a band named Capybara? Surely Capybara’s music would consist of just the kinds of noises I make all the time. I don’t like to brag but people often compare my voice to the songs of birds.

Anyway, Capybara the band came to Austin last month and I got to meet them one day at Austin Java! They are all really, really super nice guys. They pet me and fed me blueberries and I even took a little walk with them. I also did some of my best eeping just to show them that I know a bit about music myself.

Well, they must have been impressed because they came back the next weekend and met me in Garrison Park in South Austin where we shot a music video together! We recorded a song called Magpies, which was perfect for me even though the band really does not sound like capybaras at all and not even that much like magpies. I am 100% positive that this is their best video ever because I added a bunch of my eeps to it. I think I really got the rhythm of the music and inserted my voice at just the right times. Plus I insisted that we walk around a little which makes the video so much more interesting. Well, you just need to watch and listen and judge for yourselves.

Thanks guys! That was sooo much fun. Let me know if you want me to go on tour with you!