My First Stalker!

My first stalker!

My first stalker!

Look at me! I had my first stalker come to visit. Her name is Martha. Of course, she was really a stalker of Garibaldi but she has managed to squeeze some extra affection out for me. She came all the way from California. She says it was to “visit family.” Whatever. We all know what the truth is. Continue reading “My First Stalker!” »

Cuteness Test



Hello! It’s me again, Mudskipper Rous. MelT has decided that I have to test my cuteness level to see if I’m cute enough to have a blog. I admit, I might not be as cute and Garibaldi or Caplin, but I am doing my best. If I get a lot of (positive) comments, I get to continue. Otherwise…

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Introducing Mudskipper Rous

On the way 'home'

On the way ‘home’

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mudskipper Rous, although I just got that name yesterday. Before that I didn’t have a name and I didn’t need one. Names are a human sort of thing, most of us animals don’t use them.

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Oh Baby Capys, Why So Cute?

A herd of baby capybaras!

A friend of mine and Melly’s has two female capybaras who gave birth on the same day! And look how cute the babies are! There are 10 babies and 2 mothers altogether but you can only see 7 babies and 1 mother in this photo.

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Kapi’yva Exotics: Part II


#1) Scarlet and Scarlotta

Owner’s blog:

I was going to write a nice blog about all the capybaras at Kapi’yva Exotics, showing photos of each along with us interacting with them, but when I went through all of my photos I realized there are just too many of Garibaldi’s mom, Scarlet, and baby sister, whom I call Scarlotta, that I have to share. So I am dedicating this post to just these two capybaras. Hope y’all don’t mind.

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