What to wear?

Me in a bandanna

As always, I don’t like to brag but I do look pretty good in a red bandanna. The color suits my sorrel fur and sets off the darkness of my eyes. I probably don’t need to point that out to you because I’m sure you are thinking it yourself. And yet, this sets a dangerous¬†precedent and there is no telling where it will lead.

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Me and Plush Me

Me and Plush Me

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Plush me finally came and he is just the cutest thing ever! Do you see him up there next to me? Don’t we look alike? We are twins, practically, except for the size difference. Come to think of it, he is about the size I was when my owner got me. Can you believe that? I was that small! But I weighed a whole lot more, plush me is as light as a feather. And he’s as soft as one too, which is nice but not very realistic.

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Anipal Photo Hunt: You Looking at Me?

I don’t really know how this works but I am trying to join the Anipal Times photo hunt. The theme for this week is You Looking at Me? But of course you are! Everyone is always looking at me. I know, it looks like Maple is deliberately not looking at me in the photo above but rabbits have great peripheral vision.

By the way, the red liquid on my face is an icey from the gas station. My owner got it for me one day when we went out to lunch because it was very hot and she said I needed something to keep me cool. I love iceys. They strongly resemble popsicles.