The Valley of the Shadow of Dogs

Rick is protecting me from a killer dog

Melly and Rick are always making me do things that are “good for me” but that I don’t want to do. Their latest kick is for us to go for a walk down the dirt road that leads to our house. That would be okay if it weren’t for the dogs. Do you see how I’m pressing my nose to Rick’s knee in the photo above? That is because if you look a little closer you will see a killer dog, saliva dripping from its fangs, is watching me from behind a flimsy wire fence.

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The Elusive Lesser Capybara: Video Edition

A lesser capybara

Smelly is being really lazy about getting her photos together of the lesser capybaras she saw in Panama. In case you’ve forgotten about them (but how could you?) here is a link to our first post on lesser capys.

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Capybara Language

Am I talking in this photo? Probably.

A funny thing happened this week, my owner got an email from a man named Stefanos Kourkoumelis at That is a music site in Greek. Stefanos said he is writing “an article on the strange variety of sounds that the Capybara animal produce.” Well, I’m not sure I produce a strange variety of sounds but I do produce a variety of sounds. That got me thinking that maybe I should explain capybara language to my readers.

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