Birthday Chickens!

Me eating a Peep

Have you ever had a birthday where you got a present that was so unexpected and so confusing that you just didn’t know what to do? That’s what happened to me. Last Sunday was my very, very, super special second birthday and instead of getting corn, I got chickens!

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I’m Two Cute!


Two Cute

Today is my birthday!
I am two wonderful years old!

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Contest: My Inner Capybara


Entry #1: Bruser the Capy -(Danielle)

This is my birthday contest! I am going to be two on Sunday, March 11th and the contest is open for entries until then. To enter this contest you have to submit a photo or drawing showing you or your pet channeling your inner capybara. Examples are rolling (esp. in mud), swimming underwater, wearing a cape (like Super Capy) or a bandanna (like Caplin Rous). You can include a brief (less than 50 word) description of why the image projects your inner capybara.

I hope to see lots and lots of entries since this is going to be a fun one. It’s also a way to celebrate my birthday. I will imagine myself with all your inner capybaras and be very happy…unless no one enters and then I will be sad and lonely.

Voting will take place the following week, from Monday 3/12/12 to Sunday 3/18/12.

Prizes to be announced later, but I am sure they will be good.

Also, in celebration of my birthday, Super Capy and all of my puzzles are discounted for this week only. My calendar has also dropped to only $5 plus shipping. So check out my online store. All sales benefit the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Care.

Send your entries to:

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I’m Three! (Not that anyone cares)

Me with my birthday gifts

I don’t want to sound bitter but, well, this birthday was a big letdown. I mean, last year I had a major party in the park. Tons of people visited me. I had a blueberry cake and lots of yogurt. This year my owner didn’t even bother to stay home and celebrate with me.

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My Owner’s Vacation & Plush Caplin Update

Me sitting

My owner is going to be on vacation from July 3rd through July 16th. I will be too despondent to post during that time so the blog will be silent for a while. This is especially awful since my third birthday is July 10th and apparently my owner doesn’t even care.

On the plush Caplin Rous front, it looks like we could make a sitting version of me–maybe a combination of the alien drawing and the photo above–at about 8″ x8″ and sell it for around $15. In order for us to break even, my owner says we’d have to sell around 200 of them. So I need to get a feel for if that is possible. So if you could comment on this post and say whether you’d be interested in one or more at that price, that would be great.

Thanks everyone! If I don’t die of loneliness while my owner is gone, I’ll be back posting around mid-July. Don’t forget about me!