Where to Find Me

Caplin Rous on my tumblr blog

It occurred to me that not everyone knows how to find me on the web. I mean, obviously you know that I am here on my blog or you wouldn’t be reading this, but I am other places too.

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Still just as cute

It’s been two weeks since I got neutered and I have to say that it looks like I survived. As you can tell from the above photo, I did not lose any points on the cuteness scale. Continue reading “Neutering” »

Prehistoric Giant Rodents

Humans are always so gung-ho about their prehistoric ancestors. Did they origniate in Africa? When did the walk on two legs? When did they get agriculture? Well all that is boring by comparison to my giant rodent ancestors! I found this great post about them on a blog call The World We Don’t Live In. The whole blog is really great for the science-minded (and if a capybara can be science-minded which of you humans cannot?), so read the whole thing. But the best post is the one on my giant ancestors.

Internet References to ME!

Here are some recent web pages and blogs that refer to me. Probably my fans should view these just to let them know how great you think I am. Not that I have a big head or anything. (I know. I do have a big head.) named me one of their 9 Most Unusual Pets. You should follow the links on the other pets too. Really amazing stuff!

ohhaveyouseenthis on posted a link to my Alien Capybara video.

Nothing to Do With Arbroath also posted a link to my Alien Capybara video. I think that is going to be one of my most popular videos. I look super cute in it.

Seven Reasons I Am Awesome

Given the title of this post, I think the first reason should be that I am modest. I would never brag about myself like this except my friend @Pandafur (aka Pandora) tagged me on her blog. She says it’s something called an “interweb meme.” I don’t really know what that is. I suspect it is something like a computer virus and therefore not a good thing (are viruses ever good?), but what’s a capybara to do? Apparently I am infected. The parasitical meme requires me to post seven reasons why I am awesome and then to infect seven of my friends. That seems like a cruel thing to do but how can I help it if I am diseased?

So here are my seven reasons I am awesome.

  1. I am a capybara.
    Is it wrong of me to think that is special enough to make me awesome?

    Me just being a capybara

    Me just being a capybara

  2. I am a pet capybara.
    There aren’t many pet capybaras and even fewer who get to share the house with their owers.  I think this qualifies as something that makes me awesome.

    Being a pet has its drawbacks, like having to get dressed up for Halloween.

    Being a pet has its drawbacks, like having to get dressed up for Halloween.

  3. I am the only capybara in the world with my own YouTube channel.
    I admit there are some capybaras that live in zoos and get their videos on YouTube but I don’t think they have their own channel.

    My YouTube channel logo

    My YouTube channel logo

  4. I am the only capybara with my own FaceBook and MySpace pages and my own twitter account (@CaplinRous).
  5. I am the only capybara with my own blog.
    Don’t hit that link or you’ll be in an endless loop.
  6. I have a book about me (sort of).
    I am not the only capybara with a book though. I share the honor with Capyboppy who is my biggest hero of all time.

    Don't you think the capybara should be in the front?

    Don't you think the capybara should be in the front?

  7. I have been on TV on Animal Planet and on the local NBC affiliate, KXAN. And I am going to be on a new show called “Smash Cuts” on CBS sometime this fall.

But basically, I am just like any other adorable giant rodent!

So here are my seven tags:

  1. HotMBC: The House of Mostly Black Cats
  2. Mulder Cat
  3. George the Duck
  4. Shawnee Shep
  5. Frugal Dougal
  6. Milo Labradoodle
  7. Confucius Cat

Humm. Everyone else seems to be on blogspot. I am the only one with my own URL. Does that make me awesome? You be the judge!