Capybara Scarf

Knitted Capybara Scarf

The web is a wondrous thing. You never know what you will find there. What I found today is that someone is developing a pattern for a beautiful capybara scarf! Oh internets, I love you!

The pattern come from Not Just About Knitting. And you’ll love the subtitle for this blog:  Outlining the minutia of Geri’s life as a retiree. How great is that? I mean, I am assuming she pronounces Geri as Gari and not as Jerry, but I think that’s a safe assumption. And the scarf is kind-of like my outline.

All of my fans should have one of these!

Internet References to ME!

Here are some recent web pages and blogs that refer to me. Probably my fans should view these just to let them know how great you think I am. Not that I have a big head or anything. (I know. I do have a big head.) named me one of their 9 Most Unusual Pets. You should follow the links on the other pets too. Really amazing stuff!

ohhaveyouseenthis on posted a link to my Alien Capybara video.

Nothing to Do With Arbroath also posted a link to my Alien Capybara video. I think that is going to be one of my most popular videos. I look super cute in it.