Blog Paws 2011 – BZTAT

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Capycoppy & Super Gari with a painting of Brewskie Butt

There was a lot to learn and a lot to do at Blog Paws 2011 and almost all of it seemed to involve posing Capycoppy and Super Gari with various props. Some of my favorites were the amazing paintings by artist BZTAT. I have always loved BZ’s work, including the above painting of her famous cat, Brewskie Butt. I could hardly pass up the opportunity to have the plushies drinking his “morning brew.”

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Capy Shout Outs! (2)


Time for my second installment of Capy Shout Outs! These are shout outs to people/animals/plants that are special to me. Okay, I don’t have any plants on my special friends list yet, but it could happen.

Claudia Enna: Thanks for being such a great friend! Italy is so far away, I am glad we have the internet so we can at least meet virtually. Don’t worry, be happy!

Venita (@vernbern), The Cap & Mini-Cap: I hope you found Mini-Cap, I’m worried about him. Thanks for the puzzle present!

Lyle Buencamino & Hanna Pettyjohn: Hope you make it to Austin for a visit! Looking forward to meeting more fans!

@BZTAT: Hope you had a capy birthday and thanks for being my friend.

Dobby: Hey little bro., almost your first birthday. Make sure Stacy gets you something nice. I am going to send you a little present so you’ll need to watch your mail.

Remember, if you want me to give someone a shout out, drop me an email using the contact page.