Capybara Comic (Part 4)


I am the Chrome Capy!

I know everyone has been waiting as eagerly as I have for the next installment of Nic Lara’s The Adventures of Garibaldi Rous comics! I love these comics. This is installment four and Nic has done a great job. The frame shown above is my favorite. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is me in my new armor. I love thinking of myself as The Chrome Capy!

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Capybara Comic (Part 3)

Me (and Rick) with Nic Lara

Do you remember this photo of me from when I visited the Buda Public Library? Well, that very helpful and non-frightening young man who is petting me is Nic Lara. Nic is an amazing person and a serious capybara stalker, especially for one so young. And he is also a graphic artist!

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Comic Capybara (Part 2)

Nic Lara, me and my owner in July

Some of you may remember that my good friend Nic Lara gave me a variety of wonderful gift for my third birthday. He gave me that gorgeous orange bandanna, a tasty tub of spinach and an amazing comic strip about me and a toad named Berman. Well, the comic, done by Nic himself, was only the first installment of the story. I am so happy to tell y’all that Nic has sent me Part 2!

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My 2nd Annual Buda Library Visit

Me and my owner at the Buda Library

This week my owner and I went to the Buda Public Library to give a presentation on capybaras. She had some slides of wild capybaras that she took in Venezuela and I had me. We actually make a pretty good team although, to be honest, I think I could carry the whole show by myself.

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