Contest: My Inner Capybara


Entry #1: Bruser the Capy -(Danielle)

This is my birthday contest! I am going to be two on Sunday, March 11th and the contest is open for entries until then. To enter this contest you have to submit a photo or drawing showing you or your pet channeling your inner capybara. Examples are rolling (esp. in mud), swimming underwater, wearing a cape (like Super Capy) or a bandanna (like Caplin Rous). You can include a brief (less than 50 word) description of why the image projects your inner capybara.

I hope to see lots and lots of entries since this is going to be a fun one. It’s also a way to celebrate my birthday. I will imagine myself with all your inner capybaras and be very happy…unless no one enters and then I will be sad and lonely.

Voting will take place the following week, from Monday 3/12/12 to Sunday 3/18/12.

Prizes to be announced later, but I am sure they will be good.

Also, in celebration of my birthday, Super Capy and all of my puzzles are discounted for this week only. My calendar has also dropped to only $5 plus shipping. So check out my online store. All sales benefit the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Care.

Send your entries to:

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Capitalisms: And the Winner Is!

Garibaldi & Bakersfield

That photo doesn’t have anything to do with this blog post. Melly said we needed something to catch people’s attention and this was the cutest thing I could come up with. Doesn’t Bakes look sweet perched on my back?

At any rate the blog post is actually about the winners of my Capitalisms contest!

  1. ACAPELLA: Adverb: To eep without accompaniment (Jen S.)
  2. Eepicap: Noun: A syrup derived from the roots of the eepicapuanha plant in Brazil, and is well known eepetic (substance used to induce eeping). It is often given to a sad capybara to make them happy. Warning: May cause excessive Eeping!!! (Sara Beth)
  3. iCap: Noun: The phone choice of most capybaras.
    NOT to be mistaken with
    ICAP: Noun: Capybaras favorite restaurant chain where they go to devour the delicious double blueberry pancakes. Short for International Capybaras Annihilating Pancakes. (Sara Beth)

Those are some pretty good winners, although there were many, many great entries in the contest. Melly says having our readers vote is the best idea she ever had since that way we don’t have to pick a winner.

If you’ll recall, the prizes are:

I will be contacting the winners to let them select their prizes.


Say What?

Time for a new contest!

Are you wondering what the title of this post means? Well, you can thank Lynn Marcotte for this great definition:

capitalisms — words used to describe capybaras (entry #1)

And that is what this contest is about: words used to describe capybaras!

To enter the contest think up a real word or make up a word and then provide a definition for it that involves capybaras. Another example is:

Capture: noun: the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christian capybaras, of meeting capy-Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth. (entry #2)

That one was provided by Brian Weisel.

As with all my contests, the readers are the judges.

Contest Rules:

  1. Post your entry as a comment
  2. Must be kid-friendly, no profanity and nothing vulgar or inappropriate!
  3. Enter as many times as you like
  4. Contest starts now and closes Nov. 13th at midnight, central time.
  5. Voting will be from Nov. 14th through Nov. 21st
    • I will put up a poll on the right side bar of this blog for voting
    • The poll will go up on Nov. 15th.


Use the poll in the RIGHT SIDE BAR to vote!

Punch Line Contest



Our new teeshirt design

There’s no better way to celebrate Caplin Rous’ 4th birthday than to start a new contest. Caplin loved contests, after all, he is the one who invented Rodent Jeopardy. This contest is even better because first prize is a teeshirt with our brand new capybara design on it.

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