Bouncing Baby Brits!

Baby capy at Howletts Wild Animal Park (photo from Zoo Borns)

Howletts Wild Animal Park is now home to a clutter of baby capybara! Check out the adorable photos on Zoo Borns. Howletts is near Canterbury, England so if you are in that part of the world, get over and see them. And send me some photos!

Baby caybaras are too cute for words

Capy Trio Rocks Chessington Zoo

If you are in the UK you must go see these three adorable capybara babies as the Chessington Zoo! And follow this link for more adorable photos on

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Capybara Sightings put up this great post that summarizes capybara sightings over recent years.

Wild Capybara Spotted in England

Hey all my British fans, check this out! A wild capybara was spotted in Totteridge by “Hollywood actor David Dayan Fisher.” He saw the capybara while walking in fields near Darlands Lake on September 20. Here’s the link for a full report.

So you Brits, no more excuses! You too can go out and see a capybara in the wild. And I want photos!

Baby Capys at Newquay Zoo

If you live near Cornwall you are in luck. The Newquay Zoo has three baby capybaras! And they are going to keep them on display so you can watch them grow.