The Evolution of My Pond

Caplin Rous, a capybara, stands beside a pond

Caplin entering the pond

My pond is one of the most important things in my life. But it didn’t start out being mine. First it was Caplin’s pond, and then Garibaldi’s, and now, finally, I have inherited it. Am I taking good care of this historic treasure? You be the judge. Continue reading “The Evolution of My Pond” »

Prehistoric Giant Rodents

Humans are always so gung-ho about their prehistoric ancestors. Did they origniate in Africa? When did the walk on two legs? When did they get agriculture? Well all that is boring by comparison to my giant rodent ancestors! I found this great post about them on a blog call The World We Don’t Live In. The whole blog is really great for the science-minded (and if a capybara can be science-minded which of you humans cannot?), so read the whole thing. But the best post is the one on my giant ancestors.