Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Capybara Sightings put up this great post that summarizes capybara sightings over recent years.

Wild Capybaras in Florida!

Wow! Today has been such a big day for capybara news! First this article about capybaras in England. Then my brother Dobby appears on CuteOverload and now someone gave me this link to this article about wild capybaras in Florida. Well, we are really newsworthy animals and at least it provides a bright spot in otherwise extremely dull human-related stuff.

Wild Capybara Spotted in England

Hey all my British fans, check this out! A wild capybara was spotted in Totteridge by “Hollywood actor David Dayan Fisher.” He saw the capybara while walking in fields near Darlands Lake on September 20. Here’s the link for a full report.

So you Brits, no more excuses! You too can go out and see a capybara in the wild. And I want photos!