National Geographic and Me


I had a dream

I had a dream the other day, that large rodents and small rodents, tailed and tailless, brown and black and spotted, would all be featured in a special edition of National Geographic Magazine. That dream is, as yet, unfulfilled. The magazine cover shown above is a sham. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t made progress. It looks like at least one rodent, yours truly, may well appear in this prestigious periodical!

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What I See Around Me


Running after leaving the pond

This photo doesn’t have much to do with this blog post, I just want to make sure everyone sees how handsome and athletic I am. Plus, most of the photos in this blog won’t have me in them so we need to start with something to catch your attention. This blog is going to be about things I see around me on our property. Some of these things are just normal, boring things but some are pretty or surprising or pretty surprising! Continue reading “What I See Around Me” »

What I Am Not: Lots of things!

Some things I am not

I was thinking that while I have said a few things that I am not in previous posts, I have really only scratched the surface. There are an awful lot of things I’m not and I can’t go through them species by species or even genus by genus or I will never cover them all. Therefore I have decided to make this post to explain in broad strokes all of the things I am not.

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Flower ‘Bara

(This is part one of the two part story of my trip to Dallas)

Me and my owner on the way to Grapevine for the GP Hoedown

Some of you may know that I went to a guinea pig hoedown in Grapevine, Texas on Sunday. A hoedown is a kind-of western party. I hear there is usually a lot of dancing and not many guinea pigs. This hoedown was the opposite, no dancing and lots of piglins. I am pretty sure I like that better. Anyway, Grapevine is north of Dallas and we live south of Austin so it was a long drive up there, too long to make in one day, especially since my owner always takes the scenic route. A two day adventure deserves to be covered in two blog posts and that is what I am going to do. This post will cover the parts of the trip outside of the hoedown itself. In a couple of days, I’ll write another post about what happened at the hoedown. Continue reading “Flower ‘Bara” »

The Front 15

Me in the Bluebonnets

This weekend my owner made this big deal about how we had to get my picture taken in the bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and it is like a ritual here for people to get their photo, or their kids or their pets photos, taken with the flowers. It helps that they are about the first flower to bloom in this part of the country and there’s not too much else growing at that time. I think she was so obsessed by it because the past two years, basically ever since I was born, we have been in a terrible drought and there weren’t any bluebonnets so I don’t have any baby photos with me in them.

Lots of people stop by the side of the road–including freeways, which doesn’t seem to safe to me–to get their bluebonnet photos. We are lucky in that we have them right on our property. So my owner determined to get me out for a long walk in the Front 15 (that’s what we call the 15 acres in front of our house) and plop me down in those flowers for a photo. Naturally, I put up a fight.

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