Capybara Agility

Meet Stinky!

Meet Stinky!

Melly’s blog:

Earlier this week I got the most interesting email from a man who works at a zoo in Slovenia. I’m including the email here so you can enjoy it as much as I did. ( I have made a few minor corrections to make it easier to read.)

My name is Simon and I love capybaras. I would really love to have capybara as a pet but I can´t, because I live in a block of flats. But I am currently employed in ZOO Ljubljana (Slovenia (Europe)) and somehow my dream fulfilled in a way.

There is one very special being, called Stinky.

I love Stinky so much that I am with him every and each day. It´s not my capybara, it´s ZOO ljubljana capybara but he is mine in my heart.

And if I tell you that we train agility, I´m sure you sure won´t believe me. We train approximately 1,6 year (in my free time) I started training him when he was basically adult animal (not juvenile).

I couldn’t publish anything earlier because he is not my capybara.

YouTube Preview Image
The part with Stinky starts at 15:28.

I really hope you will enjoy the video.

Regards and all the best,
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Summertime is Pool Time

Summertime is pool time

Make no mistake, I go swimming every single day of the year, or close enough, but summertime is pool time. In the summer, the water is warm, the air is warm, I’m warm. That’s all good. I don’t like cold water or cold air and most especially cold me. I’ll deal with it if I have to, but it is not nearly so fun as when everything is warm. It’s been in the mid-90s here every day for some time so even though I guess it’s not technically summer until June 21st, it pretty much feels like it.

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