Kitty Sneezes: A Feline Interview

Okay, the heading of this post might be a little misleading. I am not interviewing a feline (aka cat), a feline interviewed me. His name is Mickey Smitherson and he is a very gorgeous animal. (Is it okay to call a male cat gorgeous? I really don’t think handsome has the impact I’m looking for.)

Mickey and I had a great interview that you can read here. Since he is a cat, we naturally ended up covering some topics that humans never touch upon. At the same time, Mickey has some rodent-related issues which I think he is going to have to work through. One of those issues is capybara-envy. After I told him I was Rodent Royalty–which I totally am and it’s not like something I made up–he crowned himself King Kitty! Well, I guess we all know what egos cats have, it’s not like Mickey is any kind of exception in that area. I think he’ll find that being King Kitty is like herding cats! Good luck with that, Mickey!