If Gari Were Eight

Garibaldi Rous

Melanie’s post:

Today would have been Garibaldi (Gari) Rous’ eighth birthday. It’s a day to take some time to remember him. For those of you who weren’t following the blog then, I hope you will look back to the posts between Jan. 2011 through Feb. 2014, the short time that Gari lived with me.

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Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 2


The water was swirling angrily

Read Three Baby Capybaras – Part 1

They hadn’t gotten very far when the sky opened up and jaguar drool poured down on them from a whole herd of dark clouds. Jaguar fangs flashed across the sky and their breath blew steaming and warm against baby capybaras’ fur. All of the capybara clouds had fled to the other side of the world beyond the tall mountains where the sun went to sleep in the evenings.

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Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 1


Willow, Oak and Maple

Hi all! Melly and I have decided to try something new. We are writing a short story and we thought we would share it with you as we go along. Not too much of it is written yet, which makes it more exciting! We’d love to hear comments about what you think should happen next! So here we go with Part 1 of Three Baby Capybaras! Continue reading “Story: Three Baby Capybaras – Part 1” »

Garibaldi is Sick: Vet Visit 1


Gari's pearly whites

Owner’s blog:

This post is going to be about Garibaldi Rous’ medical condition involving his teeth and our trip to Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine for the diagnosis. If you haven’t been following the developments so far, you can follow this link to fill yourself in.

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Maple WoMER: A Rabbit Hole


Maple WoMER recovering on 09/23/12

It has been a month now since Maple Bunny got sick and transmogrified herself into Maple WoMER. She didn’t really do it to herself, she had a lot of help from the vet. And I guess her infection did its part.

This post is going to be a little gross so you might want to stop here if you are squeamish. To give you an idea of how gross it is going to be, the rabbit hole I refer to in the post title, is the hole in the side of her head that Maple has now that she doesn’t have an eye. So pretty darned gross. Turn back now if you’re not up for that.

In case you do decide to turn back, I’ll just let you know that her current prognosis is guarded. Her infection is better this week but it is still there, probably hanging around in the bones of her face. She might need to be on penicillin the rest of her life.

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