Name That Rabbit!

Is that really a rabbit?

After Maple WoMER disappeared, Oakley Bunny looked so sad and lonely. So Melly said, when the time was right, that we would get a new bunny to keep Oakley company. And then she brought home THIS from BlogPaws! Is that a rabbit? It looks like an old man having a bad hair day! But no, Melly swears she is a rabbit. She’s some sort of weird cross between a mini-lop and something called a lion head. Frankenstein’s rabbit. Continue reading “Name That Rabbit!” »

Name That Piig!


Piig really needs a name

The new piig is having a real identity crisis! I have put all the name suggestions–and there are a lot of them!–in a poll on the right side bar. Continue reading “Name That Piig!” »

Guinea Who?

Who are you?

This little guy came to live at our house on Monday. He doesn’t have a name yet. Melly’s been calling him Piig, but I don’t think that is a good name. So we’re going to have a contest with prizes and everything to name my little co-pet. In case you don’t know what he is, he is a guinea pig, a close relative of capybaras.

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What is in a Name?

ROUS from The Princess Bride

A ROUS by any other name is still a ROUS!

People are always asking me how I got my name. They wonder, I think, if my owner is some kind of genius that she was able to come up with the absolute perfect name for me. I’m not willing to grant her that but it is a pretty good name.

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