Punch Line Contest



Our new teeshirt design

There’s no better way to celebrate Caplin Rous’ 4th birthday than to start a new contest. Caplin loved contests, after all, he is the one who invented Rodent Jeopardy. This contest is even better because first prize is a teeshirt with our brand new capybara design on it.

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My Pawprints

My Pawtograph

The image above is my classic pawtograph. It is of my right front foot (notice that my little toe is on the outside not on the inside like on humans). Of course, a real pawprint doesn’t look quite like that. Really they are messy and indistinct and I normally smudge the front ones up with the back ones when I walk over them.

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Book About Capys!

If you’ve always wanted to read a book about capybaras, I have great news for you! My owner wrote a book about me…sort of. It’s actually about three cats who try to capture a capybara that has gotten loose in their neighborhood. The lead cat’s name is Celeste so I didn’t even get top billing. And the capybara is actually name Caplynn and is a girl, so I’m not all that happy about that. But it is a book about capybaras and it is loosely based on me, there aren’t many capybaras who can even say that much. Continue reading “Book About Capys!” »