San Diego Zoo Capybaras


The Plushes head to the San Diego Zoo

Owner’s Blog:

I was out in California last week to visit my sister and I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the world famous San Diego Zoo. Last time I was there, about five years ago, they did not have capybaras but I knew that they had a band of them now and I couldn’t wait to see them. Of course, I brought my two plush capybaras, Capycoppy (left) and Super Capy (right) with me. I also brought Double Decoy, the guinea pig in the middle. There’s nothing like going around taking photos of plush animals in a crowded area to make you feel crazy.

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LOL Capybara: A Contest

LOL Capybara Photo Options

If you know me, you know I love a good contest, especially when it involves photos of me. So I decided to kick off a quick contest during the holidays since, I figure, people will have a lot of time on their hands. Continue reading “LOL Capybara: A Contest” »