Science Day 2012

Me with Sheldon

I should have known something was up when Sheldon came over to our house early one morning. Firstly, it was a very cold morning, frost on the cars! Sheldon does not like cold weather (and neither do I). Secondly, Sheldon came over at all. You’ve probably noticed if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, that Sheldon is no longer a big part of it. Turns out he was really Caplin Rous’ friend and not mine. I think he gets sad when he sees me. Or maybe I am just not his type.

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LOL Capybara: A Contest

LOL Capybara Photo Options

If you know me, you know I love a good contest, especially when it involves photos of me. So I decided to kick off a quick contest during the holidays since, I figure, people will have a lot of time on their hands. Continue reading “LOL Capybara: A Contest” »

Capy Contest 2!

A Capybara's Eye

A Capybara’s View of the World

The capybara’s eye sees the world differently.

Peeking over the lid of the swamp like the orbs of a dreaded crocodile
The dank aspect of them, squinted into mascara lines and longest lashes,
Watch for death through innocence.

We sit two feet, three feet, in a Jeep high above the marsh world
Immune to its dangers, removed from the essence of its beauty
Watching for death that is not ours.

Beneath the surface of floating hyacinth, scent and scented,
The undulating current suspends the weak and the strong
Waiting for nature to sort them into bins.

A cry! The shriek of an infant torn from its mother’s safety!
The wailing of loss. The gasp of surprise from those in the Jeep.
But it’s only a capybara after all.

The capybara’s eye sees the world differently.

As you can see, my owner wrote a dumb poem about capybaras. That got her thinking that virtually anyone could write a dumb poem about capybaras. So she decided to have another contest. This is a poetry contest.  Here are the rules.

  • Poem must contain the word capybara
  • Poem must not be more than 100 lines long
  • Contest ends on September 11th, 2010
  • No profanity, must be kid-friendly

The poem does not have to be in English. Including a photo to illustrate your poem probably helps.

Prizes are:

  • A copy of my book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster
  • A Caplin Rous, the World’s Most Famous Capybara mug
  • A plush Caplin Rous (won’t be available for a couple of months)
  • Dokidoki plastic toy capybara (sitting or standing, take your pick)

First place winner gets first choice of prize, 2nd place winner choses from remaining prizes, third place winner gets third choice of prizes.

Voting Closed

Winners are:

1st:   Kristy Ogden – selected plush Caplin Rous
2nd: Stephanie Gardner – selected standing Dokidoki capybara
3rd:  Lynn Marcotte

Great poetry everyone!

And here’s one final poem that did not make it in on time.

Patti Notestine

My Capybara Poem

Oh to be one of the lucky people,
to own a capybara.
I’ve seen the pics, and silently wished
for a girl that Id name Clara.

Id take her swimming every day,
and take pictures of her splashing.
And with her wet coat shaken dry,
I bet she’d be quite dashing.

Id take her for walks down by the school,
to show all the little children.
I’d let them pet her, I’m sure she would love.
all the chatter and attention.

Sometimes I would take her to the park,
and walk down by the river.
Im sure she would be quite a spectacle,
And make all the little ducks quiver.

At home at night I would give her a snack,
and then its time for bed.
We cuddle together under the blankets,
her very own pillow to rest her head.

She dreams of veggies and fruit and treats,
and all the good things she wants to eat.
And when she wakes in the morning she looks at me,
with that cute little look that says, “Mom, its time to pee!”

So down to the pool we go to start another day,
my darling capy leading the way.
I hope one day that it can be,
For me a wonderful reality.
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CONTEST! Putting Caplin Rous in My Life

Elly Fox, Dim Dim Dim and Me

Entry #0: Elly Fox "Capy Paradise"

My FaceBook friend, Elly Fox, made this great photo of me standing with her and her boyfriend Dim Dim Dim (weird name but sometimes you just can’t explain humans).

I really like that photo. It makes me think I could be with all of my friends. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, maybe I can’t do it in real life but I can do it in Photoshop. So I am making my first Contest. Let me explain the rules.


And the Winners Are:

  1. Entry #40: Caplin & Dalai Lama, Angelica Clemmer
  2. Entry #9: Holding Up the Monument, Issac
  3. Entry #11: Kissing with a Walrus, Maude Perreault

I need for the winners to send me their physical addresses in an email so I can send them their prizes.

If you ask me, everyone was a winner, even those that didn’t enter, because the entries were all so cute, inventive and entertaining. I really loved seeing me in all those different places with all those different people! Thanks everyone!

1st, 2nd and 3rd all get the same prize, a mug from my CafePress shop. Here’s what it looks like.

Prize Mug!

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