A Scratch on the Porch


Morning nap

One morning I was sleeping on the front porch, as I usually do, when Melly appeared with her camera. Melly doesn’t always have time to spend with me on the porch, she usually has to go to work, or work from home or clean the house, but on days when she does have time, she always has her camera. Because she has the camera, she has to use it. This causes her to document my whole life, even the boring parts like me sleeping on the porch. And even from a bad angle like in the photo above.

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Capybara Hair

My hair stands up when I am happy

In my recent blog poll, my hair/fur came in a distant seventh in the list of features that people most like about me. I think that is because they don’t understand how wonderful it is. My hair really is one of my best features and it is seriously under-appreciated.

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