Capy Shout Outs! (2)


Time for my second installment of Capy Shout Outs! These are shout outs to people/animals/plants that are special to me. Okay, I don’t have any plants on my special friends list yet, but it could happen.

Claudia Enna: Thanks for being such a great friend! Italy is so far away, I am glad we have the internet so we can at least meet virtually. Don’t worry, be happy!

Venita (@vernbern), The Cap & Mini-Cap: I hope you found Mini-Cap, I’m worried about him. Thanks for the puzzle present!

Lyle Buencamino & Hanna Pettyjohn: Hope you make it to Austin for a visit! Looking forward to meeting more fans!

@BZTAT: Hope you had a capy birthday and thanks for being my friend.

Dobby: Hey little bro., almost your first birthday. Make sure Stacy gets you something nice. I am going to send you a little present so you’ll need to watch your mail.

Remember, if you want me to give someone a shout out, drop me an email using the contact page.