Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

One of my viewers sent me a request to have my photo taken with a little sign wishing her father–who I hear is The World’s Best Dad–a happy Father’s Day. I was just supposed to email it to him, which I will do, but it got me thinking. There are a lot of great dads out there. They probably all deserve signs. I can’t make one for everyone so I’m going to post this same photo with the dad’s name. My viewers can photoshop in the right name or just print the photo and write in a new name. I would love to hear if anyone decides to do this and what the reaction of the recipient dad is. In the meantime…

Happy Father’s Day to all you great dads out there!

By the way, Steve has a guinea pig rescue operation and so I know he really is a great guy!

Capybaras at York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine

Capy naps at York's Wild Kingdom

Capy naps at York's Wild Kingdom

My good friend and FaceBook follower Lauren Thompson recently visited York’s Wild Kingdom in York, Maine. She got some great photos of my relatives and agreed to share them here with my readers. If you’re in the York area, this zoo / amusement park looks like it has a very nice capybara set up. Drop in and visit. Let them know that Caplin Rous and Lauren Thompson sent you! Maybe they’ll give you a discount .(Disclaimer: I have no reason to believe they will.)

One of the great things about the park is this large sign advertising the large size of the world’s largest rodent! I am certainly not as big as the capybara on that sign, but my cousin Little might be!


Lauren Thompson with "Largest Rodent" sign.

For some reason Lauren thought it was funny that this capybara was sitting in his food bowl.

Capybara in food bowl at York's Wild Kingdom

Capybara in food bowl at York's Wild Kingdom

I don’t get what’s so funny. He looks very comfortable. Don’t humans do that?

Young capybara at York's Wild Kingdom

Young capybara at York's Wild Kingdom

This young capybara looks healthy and happy.

The only thing missing from Lauren’s photos is a nice big pond or pool for the capybaras to swim in. I’m afraid they might not have one and they really should. Capybaras are at our cutest and most active when we are in the water. Seeing us lounge about on land is nice but it doesn’t give you a good sense of the dynamic creatures we can be.