A Capy Mother’s Song

Wild capybara mother with three babies

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I left my mother when I was only seven days old. I know! Way too young. I don’t know why my mother’s people took me away from her, it just happened. But even so, I learned some things from her. Every baby capybara learns the Song of the Dangers from the very first day they are born. My mother used to sing it to me and my siblings as we went to sleep, which we did a lot in those days.

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Gari’s Song

Playing with Rick

Melly has been singing a little song lately and I thought I would share it with you.

Gari’s Song
Sung to the tune of Stewball (was a racehorse)

Oh Gari is a capybara, and I know he is mine,
But he doesn’t love me, he wants Rick all the time.

I feed him the freshest corn and lettuce and chard.
I go out with scissors and cut grass from the yard!

I give him his scratches, I feed him his treats.
I take him out swimming, let him chew on the sheets.

But Rick is his favorite. Oh, what can I say?
Is it just wishful thinking, to believe he’ll love me one day?

Oh Gari is a capybara, and I know he is mine,
But he doesn’t love me, he wants Rick all the time!

What can I say? A capybara cannot control his own heart! I suppose I should try to be nicer to Melly. I’ll make that my New Year’s resolution! But, you know, most New Year’s resolutions don’t last until February, and that’s only two weeks away.

Capybara Song

YouTube Preview Image

You can’t watch this video too many times.

YouTube Preview Image

This very short video clip shows an excited capybara jumping into the water.

Caplin Rous and Capybara

Me with the band Capybara

Me with the band Capybara

Believe it or don’t, there is a band called Capybara! I admit, Capybara is a great name for just about anything but still I was surprised when I learned that. Surprised and excited! I thought, this is going to be great! It will be just the kind of music I like. I won’t have to thrumm in displeasure like I do at Johnny Cash. Or just close my ears (one of the big perks of being a capybara is that we can literally close our ears) when my owner plays classical or The Cars. I do like The Killers and, of course Mountain Kids Fantasy, but how would they compare to a band named Capybara? Surely Capybara’s music would consist of just the kinds of noises I make all the time. I don’t like to brag but people often compare my voice to the songs of birds.

Anyway, Capybara the band came to Austin last month and I got to meet them one day at Austin Java! They are all really, really super nice guys. They pet me and fed me blueberries and I even took a little walk with them. I also did some of my best eeping just to show them that I know a bit about music myself.

Well, they must have been impressed because they came back the next weekend and met me in Garrison Park in South Austin where we shot a music video together! We recorded a song called Magpies, which was perfect for me even though the band really does not sound like capybaras at all and not even that much like magpies. I am 100% positive that this is their best video ever because I added a bunch of my eeps to it. I think I really got the rhythm of the music and inserted my voice at just the right times. Plus I insisted that we walk around a little which makes the video so much more interesting. Well, you just need to watch and listen and judge for yourselves.

Thanks guys! That was sooo much fun. Let me know if you want me to go on tour with you!