My Day as Capybassador


I deal with the chickens

It started out a day like any other day, and that explains why I can use the above photo in this post. It wasn’t taken today but it might as well have been. I am always having to deal with those chickens. I know they were my birthday present and so, technically, they belong to me, but I have to say that they do not know that. Unless them belonging to me means that all of my food belongs to them. But I digress. Continue reading “My Day as Capybassador” »

School Visit: Cedar Creek Elementary

It looks like rain, let's stay home.

I know I am a Capybara Ambassador (Capybassador)(in training) but I don’t know why that means I have to leave the comfort of my own home. Can’t I do everything through social media and TV? (More on that in my next blog post!) But no, Melly is all, “Sure, Gari would love to come visit your school!” I’m not saying I don’t want to visit, just that I’m scared.

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Earth Day 2010

Me, my owner and some of the kids

Me, my owner and some of the kids

If you know me, you know I take my job as Capybara Ambassador pretty seriously. And I should, it is a very important position. I have a big responsibility to capybaras and rodents throughout the world to represent them well and to make sure people like us and appreciate us. There couldn’t be a more appropriate day for that than Earth Day, especially this year since it was the 40th anniversary of the dedication of a day to our beautiful planet. Continue reading “Earth Day 2010” »