Just Another Day

It's good to have friends

Today was supposed to be the end of the world according to some humans. We animals never bought into it, really. But I was still happy to have a couple of my closest friend plushies with me for my morning nap. You probably recognize the one on my right, that is Capycoppy. The one on the left is Blaccarat. He is a plush rat that Stacy Winnick brought all the way from Washington state. When he saw how much better the weather is here, he decided not to go back.

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Lap Capy

Me on Melly's Lap

Part of being a pet is learning where to get the best treats. I have learned that sitting on someone’s lap is a great place to find them.

YouTube Preview Image

This is me and Sheldon. He ran out of treats so I don’t know why I stayed up there. Desperate I guess.