The Capy in Winter

The path to Capybara Creek

The path to Capybara Creek

There is one thing you should know about capybaras: we do not like the cold! I know, I know, Dobbye Winnick lives where it is always cold and you never here him complaining. That is just because he doesn’t know any better. Capybaras and cold weather do not–or at least should not–mix. Nevertheless, it does happen, even here in central Texas, that a terrible cold front blows down from the arctic where the polar bears live. The horrendous nature of this catastrophe cannot be overstated. And what about my swimming? I can’t swim in ice water you know! What is a poor, helpless capybara to do? Continue reading “The Capy in Winter” »

What Feet are For

My nose and my foot sticking out of a tub of water

I did not know this was a topic for serious debate, but apparently Melly, my new owner, does not understand what feet are for.

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Sunny Saturday

Morning Bath

Morning Bath

A lot of people ask me what my day is like. “Caplin,” they say, “what the heck do you do all day?” Well, that’s a tough question. Obviously I do different things on different days. But I thought I could give an example by showing what my day was like last Saturday.

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