Remembering Caplin Rous: 2008 A

They grow up so fast!

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I am continuing my memorial to Caplin Rous, the World’s Most Beloved Capybara. These are all “new” photos, meaning I have never published them anywhere before.

By January 2008, Caplin Rous was already starting to look like a big capybara. He had grown into his head and his big eyes. Can you notice his most distinctive feature in the photo above? It’s the little light-colored tuft of fur between his ears. When he got older it wasn’t so prominent but it was always there. In this photo he is walking along our driveway looking for something to eat.

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Capybara Hair

My hair stands up when I am happy

In my recent blog poll, my hair/fur came in a distant seventh in the list of features that people most like about me. I think that is because they don’t understand how wonderful it is. My hair really is one of my best features and it is seriously under-appreciated.

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