First Swim in Capybara Creek

Do you see a capybara?

Do you see a capybara in the photo above? I’ll be you don’t but I am in it nonetheless. That black line is my new long leash and if you could follow it through this wonderfully opaque water you would find me!

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Capybara on the Counter

Me on the bathroom counter

It’s been really hot this summer and so that means I’ve been spending a lot of time in my swimming pool. But sometimes five hours a day just isn’t enough and I feel like I need a bath in the morning too. I’m sure you’ve all seen my bathtub video, right?

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Baby caybaras are too cute for words

Capy Trio Rocks Chessington Zoo

If you are in the UK you must go see these three adorable capybara babies as the Chessington Zoo! And follow this link for more adorable photos on