Rodent Reader (Quarterly)


Gari, the Rodent Reader

Guess what? I’m in a magazine! It’s called the Rodent Reader Quarterly and it’s all about rodents!

The whole magazine is devoted to pet rodents but more about that later, right now let’s get to me.

There are a total of seven capybara photos in the magazine but I am only in one of them. Caplin Rous got the back cover in his ever so cute photo where he’s reading Celeste and the Giant Hamster. He also got a baby photo (at the bottom of the page in the photo of me reading the magazine above) and another shot where he is on the couch with Maple, Sambal and Hello Pineapple. Dobby Winnick got the big inside spread photo and the two little photos on the opposing page that are not Caplin.

I’m not jealous just because I only got one small photo and Caplin and Dobby got more and bigger photos than I did. I’m just happy to be doing my job as Capybara Ambassador.

Gari in glasses

While reading I noticed that the type in the magazine was a little blurry so I put on a pair of reading glasses. How do I look? Dashing? Distinguished? Diplopic?

Shhh! I'm actually only looking at the pictures.

I don’t understand how those things work. They didn’t make anything clearer, the glass part wouldn’t even come down over my eyes, so I just shook them off.

Along with the article on pet capybaras, Mil Scott who runs the free-from-advertising magazine, ran a book review of Melly’s book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster. The book review is written by a rat named Keela. Keela is a very discerning rodent reader with a deep understanding of plot and character. I suppose that is to be expected in a rat.

There aren’t many magazines aimed at rodent lovers and Rodent Reader Quarterly is packed with fun photos and great information. It’s mostly about rats and mice but this issue had an article about a woodchuck (aka groundhog) in addition to the one on capybaras so there’s something in it for everyone. Check out the magazine’s web page at to find out what your missing and stop missing it!

4 comments to Rodent Reader (Quarterly)

  • We get Rodent Reader Quarterly at our house and have been enjoying it for a long time!

  • Rodolfo

    WOW! A magazine about rodents! That’s SO GREAT!! I’m going to check that magazine’s web inmediatly! (I want to see if there are pictures of beautiful female cavies in it, he he).

    By the way, don’t be jealous, Garitxo (I hope you don’t mind if I call you that, here in Basque Country it means “little Gary” in an affectionate way… it sounds “Gary-choo”).
    I’m sure the managers in that magazine will make another article about capys, and they will realize you are truly charming in your glasses. You’ll get the cover, you’ll see! ^__^

  • Patricia Sutcliffe

    How can I start getting the Rodent Quarterly delivered to my house? And i didn’t know that Capybara could be pets. They are great.

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Follow the link ( to learn more about the Rodent Reader Quarterly and for subscription information. And thanks for the comment about capybaras.

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