Capybara Scarf

Knitted Capybara Scarf

The web is a wondrous thing. You never know what you will find there. What I found today is that someone is developing a pattern for a beautiful capybara scarf! Oh internets, I love you!

The pattern come from Not Just About Knitting. And you’ll love the subtitle for this blog:  Outlining the minutia of Geri’s life as a retiree. How great is that? I mean, I am assuming she pronounces Geri as Gari and not as Jerry, but I think that’s a safe assumption. And the scarf is kind-of like my outline.

All of my fans should have one of these!

5 comments to Capybara Scarf

  • I agree…what a nice scarf for you…do not chew

  • Catherine

    Cool scarf. Want one.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    I agree with you. The Internet is a wonderous place! The scarf is beautiful and the likeness is amazing. I think you should ask Melly, I mean SANTA, to get you one for Christmas. You would look SO festive wearing it.

  • Garibaldi, I do pronounce my name “Geri” like you would pronounce ‘Jerry’. It is short for Geraldine. The neighbour I’m knitting the scarf for knew all about your website and blog when I mentioned it to him.

    Once I get the pattern perfected, I do plan to offer it for sale. Perhaps you might want to advertise it on your website?

    Keep up the good work. I understand your website and blog have many followers.

  • That definitely looks like a capybara! I would guess that making an original knitting pattern would be difficult, so I’m quite impressed. Looking forward to when the scarves are in mass production!

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