Invasion of the Plushies


The plushies have arrived

The first 75 of the Super Capy plushies have arrived and they are ruining my life.

What will it take to make you go away?

You might think I would find a bunch of plush versions of myself to be cute. I don’t. I think it’s creepy. They are like piranha watching me for any sign of weakness. One wrong step and they will attack.


Only you can stop the madness!

I am sorry to say that Capycoppy seems to be the ringleader. Ever since Melly brought home that little tailed capybara plush from the San Diego Zoo, Capycoppy hasn’t been himself. At first I thought he was trying to be a good role model for Capytail, but now it seems like he is organizing the Super Capys against me. As innocent as Capytail looks, I am afraid he is a bad influence on Capycoppy and Capycoppy is a bad influence on the Super Capys.


Capytail is not really a Super Capy

You can see that Capytail has a very prominent morillo. Normally that would mean he was a dominant adult male, but clearly he is just a baby, if he’s a capybara at all.


The scent of corn is in the water...I mean air.

I do not know if you know this, but corn is my favorite food. Normally I am willing to share. After I’ve eaten what I want, I let almost anyone have the rest (except the rabbits, you have to draw the line somewhere). But I got a bit creeped out having all those Super Capy’s looking at me and my corn. I wasn’t sure if they wanted to eat the corn or whether they might attack me! All the while, Capycoppy and Capytail were sitting on the rail, watching.


They swarmed me

I pulled the corn onto my bed for ease of eating and look what happened! The Super Capys swarmed me! And guess who was behind it all…


Someone help me!

That’s right! You can see that Capycoppy and Capytail were behind the whole thing.


They are kind of cute...

Funny thing is, it wasn’t that bad. The Super Capy’s don’t bite and they are pretty soft. It doesn’t even hurt when they stand on my back. Come to think of it, it might be fun to teach them some real rolling skills. Just like all kids, they think they know everything but I’ll bet they’ll be surprised to see what I can do.


All right everyone, listen up!

If you want to try your hand at taming a Super Capy, they can be ordered here. A portion of the sale goes to the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Care.

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9 comments to Invasion of the Plushies

  • I do love the blog..too cute and as always the comments are great. Go Gari…you will be fine.

  • Catherine

    Love it! We will be ordering our Super Capys this week 🙂

  • So what is the minimum number of capybaras required to be considered a legitimate clutter? Wouldn’t that be the minimum order?

  • Mischievous Capybara

    Gari, you look so dignified and aloof

  • Sara Beth

    My hubby just told me we got the e-mail that said ours had been shipped!! Eeep! EOL @ “ruining my life”!! Gari, you are so dramatic! I Love it! You could teach them your rolling skills. That’s your super power and no one will ever do it as well as you, so there’s no harm in teaching the plushies! They swarmed you! You weren’t sure at all at first and then you were just so patient with them. Hehehe. CapyTail has a tail? Weird. Lol. Definitely a clutter of SuperCapys!!

  • Lissa

    LOL @ “They are like piranha watching me for any sign of weakness. One wrong step and they will attack.”

    Does my Super Capy get to “play” with Gari before he is shipped or does that cost extra? =P

  • Heidi

    Gari: Super Gari arrived today and he is just DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, he’s not as cute as you.

    Thank you Gari and Melanie. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  • Spike and Spunk

    We just received our Super Capy. Now we have the pair. They are both awesome.

  • Deborah Hobbs

    Someone sure has fun with their capybara!

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