The Price of Cuteness – Part 1

Me, Jim Perry and Hillary

I am a capybara. I am cute. I have to get used to it. There is nothing I can do about it. But it comes with a cost and that cost is visitors fawning over me, feeding me, scratching and petting me, giving me treats and hugging me. The only one of those things I don’t like is hugging. Capybaras don’t like to be hugged, it reminds us of anacondas.

I am getting used to visitors. Smelly says I am better at it than Caplin was. It might be the only thing I am better at than Caplin. Smelly says Caplin would bite people if they stayed too long. That never happened but I guess he threatened. I don’t do that. The longer people stay, the more I get to know them and the better I like them. Doesn’t that make more sense?

In the photo above you can see me with Jim Perry, the wonderful artist who did the Computer Caplin and Angel Caplin paintings, and his friend Hillary. They only stayed for a couple of hours so I didn’t get much of a chance to know them, although I’d met Jim before and he is cool. They visited me in mid November.

Me with Liz and Marc Capaldi

Liz and Marc Capaldi broke a record on visiting duration. They came over two weekends in a row for a total of three days of visitation. As you can see from the photo above, I really liked them. Okay, it might look like I just like the lettuce but that is not it, I liked them too. Liz is about as crazy about me as a person can be. Marc, while more subdued, is also crazy about me. He has a camera glued to his hand though — Melly has that problem sometimes and it is a terrible handicap — so I didn’t get to bond as closely with Marc as I did with Liz.

You may scratch my nose

I made a special point of positioning myself occasionally so that Marc could reach me with his good hand. They are a very nice, soft-spoken, British couple. The British, it seems, know to bring a capybara treats when they come to visit. This is a lesson all humans should learn.

What? There's no treat in your hand?

Liz likes to swim too so I hope they come visit me when the weather is warmer and we can lounge around in the pool together. That water is pretty cold and even I can’t stay in for very long. Oh hey! That is another thing I am better at than Caplin! Smelly says Caplin would not go in the pool when the water was cold.

YouTube Preview Image

This is a video of Liz scratching me on the couch.

On the couch with Liz Capaldi

I am quite heavy and it is best to have something on your lap when I sit on you. That is why Liz has a pillow. She moved it away in the video and if you watch her face I think you can see that it was a mistake to do so.

Meanwhile Marc was videoing everything!

YouTube Preview Image

I think this video Marc took is one of my cutest videos ever.

Do you see how playful I can be? I am not all that easy to hold onto when I am in that mood. It takes an experienced capybara handler which, unfortunately, Melly is. I think I look like a bucking bronco but guinea pig people call this popcorning.

You should watch all of Marc’s videos of me.

YouTube Preview Image

Look how cutely I ask for treats. I am very polite.

I am going to save my visit with Rezoner for another blog post since I think this one already has enough stuff in it. Don’t forget to go to the Capaldi’s YouTube channel to see all of their great videos of me!

9 comments to The Price of Cuteness – Part 1

  • Sweetie you are too much…tell them you like the rubbing under you chin better…most of my capys like that…none like the hand on the top of the head. So proud of your work Gari…good job

  • Catherine

    Always a pleasure to read Gari’s blog and watch the big ham(ster)’s videos!

  • I get very frisky like that, too, Gari. I call it my Doofus Dance. It isn’t something I do inside very much, though. It is an outdoor game. I’m glad to see you have some nice mud to roll in now!

  • Teresa

    Yup, You look like a bucking broncho, Good thing “Smelly” knows how to handle you or you might get too rambungous (sp?) and hurt your self.

  • Mischievous Capybara

    If anyone is interested, this is my account of our visit to meet HRH Garibaldi ROUS:

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Garibaldi ROUS, you definitely ARE (other than Dobbye Winnick, with whom I am hopelessly in love) the amazing “PRINCE OF CUTENESS!” You are getting to be very famous, with many fans (stalkers) and your blogging skills are totally enviable. I think you’re just about the cutest capybara I know…..other than Dobbye which, I hope you understand, is the “capy love of my life.” Keep up the good work.

  • Francine

    Great MORE people for me to be envious of!! You are so cute, Garibara!

  • Oh my, I had no idea that capys could move that fast! And I like how you played in the puddles along the way, that would make a walk more fun. The wiggly ears is especially cute.

  • Emily

    Hello! My name is Emily and me and my boyfriend are looking for a great pet and we have never even heard of a Capy before but we do have guinea pigs that we have raised from mother to mother and so on also we have an chinchilla named chico who is so precious. We are more then interested and have done so much research that we were wondering how to get a capy! We love animals and I will in the future open up an animal shelter of all types of animals. Also how much to capys range in price. Im just so thrilled about this animal, I might trade in my boyfriend for him!:) Please email me at!
    Thank you so much for your time!
    Sincerely Emily!

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