The Price of Cuteness – Part 2

Litte Boy Blue

Sure there is a price to being cute but there are advantages too. Take a look at this great blanket that my Facebook friend Katie Gallo made for me. It is super soft and the blue really brings out the color of my eyes.

Don't I get treats for being this cute?

My blue blanket goes well with my new blue chair. The chair isn’t actually new, it’s been there all along but it was only recently that I found out that it is suitable for capybaras. The chair swivels, which I don’t like, and it rocks, which I pretty much hate, but it is ever so comfy. And with the blanket to cover me I feel like the king of the world! (Which I am since I am a capybara.)

I don't think he's talking to me.

Another great gift I got was this beautiful quilt featuring the ROUS Foundation logo. That was made by another internet friend, Nina Helms McCampbell. Isn’t it beautiful?

A capybara is the center of the universe

I love that quilt but Melly is bound and determined to give it away. She talked to Nina and together they decided it would be nice to give it to the owner of Buella Belle, the first capybara who used the ROUS Foundation funds. That is a very sad thing because while the RF is trying to help living capybaras, it also pays for necropsies of capybaras that die in captivity. That is what happened to Buella Belle. It turned out she ate some poisonous azalea plants. Very, very sad. I think the quilt might make Debbie, Buella’s owner, even happier than it makes me. And she can use it to wrap her new capybara, Rousabelle up in. Don’t you think Rousabelle is a good name? It is part Caplin Rous and part Beulla Belle.

Who is that feeding me?

You may be wondering who that strange person is sitting on the couch with me and the beautiful quilt. That is Rezoner. He is a stalker from way back when. He used to stalk Caplin Rous and even visited him once. Now he came to visit me. Caplin didn’t bite him so I didn’t either, at least not hard, and anyway, he provoked me.

Rezoner is nice but...

Isn’t it a little rude to talk on the cell phone when you are visiting someone? It wouldn’t be so bad if I could eavesdrop but he was speaking Russian! It was a surprise to me that I don’t understand Russian, I thought I understood all human languages.

Russian is a boring language

I shouldn’t be so hard on Rezoner, we did some fun things too. Of course he fed me treats, which is always appreciated. But we also went for long walks in the woods where we discussed issues of deep philosophical importance.

The meaning of life? 42!

Rezoner spent the night at our house. I am not territorial the way Caplin Rous was so I don’t mind if people stay over. In fact, I might like them better the longer they stay. Rezoner and I got to play a game of King-of-the-Bed!

Remember I have giant rodent teeth!

Capybaras do not like being pushed around, I will tell you that. I don’t think any capybara will put up with it. I had to give Rezoner just the tiniest nip on the arm for trying to manhandle me.

Guess who ended up King of the Bed?

After all that, we sat around in the living room chatting about whatever came to our minds. Rezoner kept going off topic (which should have been me!) and so I occasionally fell asleep.

I am *not* asleep! My eyes are still open.

I don’t think he noticed when I fell asleep. I was very discrete about it.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved visiting with Rezoner and I hope he will come back very soon. Like all capys, I like a good nap after a little mental and physical exercise. Who doesn’t?

I had two more visitors while Rezoner was with me JoAnn DePenning and her daughter came. I forgot the daughter’s name so I am going to call her Coral because that is Melly’s daughter’s name. Maybe all human daughters are called Coral. Makes sense to me.

JoAnn & Coral DePenning

JoAnn lives very near us but she said she was going to visit my Washington DC fan club and wanted to get photos of me to take with her. I am not sure about that. Angela DiMeglio Mitchell and Papua Piig of Guinea Pig Today are big fans of mine who live in DC and she never mentioned a fan club when she came to visit.

Wouldn’t it be great if I did have a fan club? Something to think about for the new year.

I am signing off now. I probably won’t be able to post for a few weeks, until at least Jan. 9th, 2012, since Melly is taking off to see the wild capybaras in Panama. I wonder if she will bring me back a friend.

9 comments to The Price of Cuteness – Part 2

  • Joe Erickson

    Melly, have a fun time in Panama! I can’t wait to see the photo’s!

  • francine

    Will Gari and Rick be all alone? Poor Rick, he’ll be busy giving tummy rubs and treats!

    Garibara’s fan club is huge!

  • lynn marcotte

    That was a great blog post!

    The quilt is exceptional!
    Rousabelle is a perfect name.

    I just thought of a new one for you Gari because of your blue chair & guestroom shenanigans…..Garriba Garriba!!

    Bon Voyage Melly!
    Lots of pics please (probably wrote that for nothing!)


    GARIBALDI,-THANK YOU ,-that was a nice report with nice&funny photos.
    GARIBALDI,MELANIE & RICK,-this morning I payed the permission fee at
    “musicshake” to “You Tube” for publishing the
    “HAPPY Capybara GARIBALDI Caplin Rous”Song at YOU TUBE!
    It will be published there for a minimum time of six months.
    They wrote to me that you`ve to use the YouTube audio swap search,with “avianica”.
    Then you,MELANIE can load it down for your own use!
    And you GARIBALDI,can be a bit more proud of yourself!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    I love that picture of you snoozing. And with your new blue blanket… don’t eat it like you tried to do with Super Capy when Melanie wasn’t looking. And that beautiful quilt…you are getting quite spoilt, but you more than deserve it. So you and Rick will be playing rough…while the cat’s away the mice can play….
    I’d love a baby orphaned lesser capybara…Marc looks disapproving, he’s afraid you might take me seriously. I hope you manage to get quite close. Have a great time!

  • Eric

    I want a capybara for Christmas
    Only a capybara will do
    Don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toy
    I want a capybara to play with and enjoy

    I want a capybara for Christmas
    I don’t think Santa Claus will mind, do you?
    He won’t have to use our dirty chimney flue
    Just bring him through the front door, that’s the easy thing to do

    I can see me now on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs
    Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes
    To see a capy-bara eeping there

    I want a capybara for Christmas
    Only a capybara will do
    No kangaroos, no koala bears
    I only like capy-bars
    And capybaras like me too

    Mom says the capy would eat me up, but then
    Teacher says a capy is a vegeterian

    There’s lots of room for him in our two-car garage
    I’d feed him there and wash him there and give him his massage
    I can see me now on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs
    Oh what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes
    To see a capy-bara eeping there

    I want a capybara for Christmas
    Only a capybara will do
    No kangaroos or koala bearas
    I only like capybaras
    And capybaras like me too!

  • Alex

    Aha! Yes, Gari was very hospitable. I was amazed to see how he swims in ice cold water. Although I am from Russia, I would never in my life get there! But Gari is a brave capy, and he doesn’t care about temperature: if there is a pool, it should be swum in.

  • Have a wonderful time in Panama Melly. Gari looks in wonderful condition now. You have worked wonders with him.

  • Elaine In Missouri


    I recently discovered your wonderful capy-happy home on you tube.

    Love your Garibaldi and his antics.
    Sorry to hear of Caplin.
    I will be checking in to follow the antics with all of you.

    Hope your trip to Panama was fantastic.

    By the way the video of you sharing your coke with Caplin had me rolling with laughter. AMAZING!

    Elaine In Missori

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