Why I Like Weekends


Rolling in the creek

This is a photo blog about the things I like about weekends. I’m not going to say much because I think it is obvious why I like the things I like.


I like rolling in the creek *a lot*!

Pretending I am a wild capybara gazing out over the Amazon

Shaking off mud to keep the predators (Melly) away

Eating on the front porch, preferably without chickens, rabbits or squirrels

Eating in the pool, even if it is out of a bag

Eating the bag

Roughhousing with Rick

Having Rick & Melly fight over who gets to spin me

Thwarting Melly's every attempt to photograph me running

Looking regal just to prove to Melly that I could cooperate if I wanted to

Sauntering into the house like I own it (I do!)

Watching TV on the bed at night with Flopsy the Killer Cat

Only that last one doesn’t happen anymore since Flopsy went back to live with Coral again. I miss him, but Melly says he will visit. One great thing about Flopsy is that he doesn’t eat my food.

You can leave a comment and tell me what you love about weekends!

14 comments to Why I Like Weekends

  • Jacki Hammond

    Oh Gari, you make my heart happy ♥

  • Malkah

    Gari, you are completely regal! And silly! I’ll miss seeing pictures of Flopsy, though! <3

  • Kathryn

    Love the photos Gari! Weekends are great for swimming and sleeping in!

  • Teresa Moore

    wonderful pictures of Gari!!

  • lynn marcotte

    Fantastic photos!!!!!

  • ratfancy

    Gari – you taught me how to really get the most out of a weekend!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    This looks like a GREAT weekend! WOW! I think my favorite one is you looking out over “The Amazon”. I didn’t know you had a pet pussycat!

  • Lisa

    Gari you seem to be eating out of a bag alot lately. is this part of Melly’s harness training? are you getting used to having things on your head?
    i hope there will be a blog post about bags on your head.

    i love your rolling pics. it makes me wonder if i should go try rolling around in some mud. maybe i would like it too even though i am not a capy!

  • I can see why you like weekends, you make them so fun. The creek looks especially enjoyable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pics of you galloping before, people would probably be surprised at how fast you can go. The sun makes your coat look shiny & as always, you’re very handsome.
    What I like best about weekends are the outdoor art fairs & antique shows that my sister & I go to.

  • Thomas beattie

    Looks like you have great weekends Gari, rolling in the creek looks so fun 😀

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Best blog EVER!! It looks like you had a perfect Capybara Weekend. Thanks for sharing your photos Gari.

  • Nic

    What TV shows does Gari watch?

  • Ann

    I love the picture of you being regal. You look very happy in it. Everything must be good in your kingdom.

  • Kris Pawlewicz

    I like to catch up on your blogs on the weekends, Gari!! You are the best!!

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