Contest: How to Draw a Capybara

How to draw a capybara

I saw a similar tutorial for drawing a cat on Facebook and decided to make one on how to draw a capybara. Of course, I’m not a very good artist so this is not such a great tutorial but I suppose it is better than nothing.

So here’s my new contest!


  • Using this tutorial, with embellishments, draw a capybara
  • Submit your drawing to me by Sunday, August 12th (
  • A short explanation of your interpretation can be included


  • As always, by blog poll in the right side bar
  • Poll will open on August 13th and end on Sunday, August 19th (1 week)




1st Place: #7  Xandria Schaeffer
2nd place: #9  Lori Star
3rd place: #12 Aliza Tucker

The winners will be contacted to select their prizes.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.
Every entry was amazing and unique (except #18).
And every voter is an important participant.
There is no contest without voters!



Entry #1: Melissa Bloechl


Entry #2: Josh James

Entry #3: Milena Carothers

Entry #4: Morgan Carothers

Entry #5: Paloma Passetto


Entry #6: Stephen Harris


Entry #7: Xandria Schaeffer


Entry 8: Lisa Jay


Entry #9: Lori Star


Entry #10: Caroline Hand


Entry #11: Sophie Hannah


Entry #12: Aliza Tucker


Entry #13: Leo Oa


Entry #14: Sarah S

Entry #15


Entry #16: Sunny


Entry #17: Stacy Winnick


Entry #18 : Melanie Typaldos


Entry #19: Thomas Beattie

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