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Who's the baby capybara?

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As Caplin Rous’ 5th birthday approaches, I miss him more than ever so I started going through my old photos of him. I have thousands of them, most never viewed by anyone but me, and I decided to share a few every day from now until his birthday on July 10th.

In the above photo Caplin Rous is about six weeks old. Still all head and big eyes. I still can’t believe someone took his four siblings and left him behind. I am sure he was the cutest little ‘bura in his litter.


Sleepy 'bura

I put this tiger themed rug that I got in India on a chair so that Caplin could sleep right next to me when I was working on the computer. Like all babies, he slept a lot in those days. He’s almost three months old in this shot. He always stayed as close to me as he could.


At the creek

Baby capybaras always follow their band and never stray very far from the group. When Caplin was little, I used to be able to trust him to just run along with me. As they get older, wild capy babies become more independent, and so did Caplin Rous. Past a certain age, maybe six months or so, I always kept his harness on when we went out of the yard although he did not always have to wear his leash. In this photo he is nearly three months old.


Pretty in purple

Caplin wore a harness most of the time whether he needed it or not. This really helped when he got older, heavier and stronger. He was used to being harnessed and used to walking on a leash. In the photo above he is five months old and down for another romp in the creek.


Thanksgiving capybara

Caplin was great about wearing costumes or posing with props for photos. Even so, there were a lot of takes for most of his holiday shots. Here’s one that didn’t quite make the cut for his first Thanksgiving photo. But look at the his adorable little face!


Hay is for horses...and capybaras

We must have had a mild winter that year because here is Caplin Rous accompanying me when I was feeding the horses one morning. He liked to climb the stacked hay and nibble on it. As you can see in the above two photos, Caplin had a bit of a subtle striping pattern across his chest and front legs.


Happy New Year!

This is an outtake from his New Year’s photo shoot. Looks like he’s got a little milk on his nose!

Don’t forget that if you’d like to buy a Caplin Rous Commemorative Necklace, they are on sale for $15 until his birthday.

17 comments to Remembering Caplin Rous: 2007

  • Sheldon

    I miss Caplin so much too! He was so much more than a pet – he was the best companion. I’ll never forget you!

  • Valentina

    We all miss him Melly. Thanks for sharing <3

  • Malkah

    We all miss Caplin so very much. He had a spark and was such a ham for the camera. I’m sorry he left. But I love Garibaldi. I’m so glad he’s got you.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hi Melly, My heart goes out to you at this time. It’s so sad to lose a pet. Caplin Rous had the best life any Capy could’ve had. He was Blessed with a wonderful “Mommy” (You), who showered him with all the love in the world. That is the reason he was the last in the litter…..he was waiting for you. And now he is not really gone. He is watching over you and smiling his “Happy Capy” smile at you and Garibaldi Rous. And he will live in your heart forever. I also lost a beautiful loving cat who was “my baby girl”. Her name is Spunky. She’s been gone since 2004 but it feels like yesterday. I light a star candle for her every year and look at her photos often. My heart still hurts…. But I believe someday we will all be reunited with our pets. God Bless You. Your friend, Ann Bednarek

  • Danielle

    Lovely photos. I’ll order a necklace in memory of Caplin. He may have had a shorter life than most capy’s, but he clearly had one of the best! His memory will live through the ROUS Foundation.

  • Kristy Ogden

    Thinking of you Melanie. Many hugs coming your way. I love the sleepy bura on the tiger rug….I love his little back feetsies & toes all curled up.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    I love seeing these pictures of Caplin and reading the comments they evoke. My interest in capybaras began with Caplin and I miss him dearly.

  • lynn marcotte

    I too miss him a lot & still remember him every morning as I drink from my Caplin cup.

  • Love seeing these photos!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Wonderful to see more “behind the scenes” with Caplin. What a sweet baby. So sad he went way too young. Hugs!

  • Seeing these pics all in a row was like watching him grow up. Thanks for sharing them.
    I know how there’s always an empty space where a beloved pet was, no matter how many years pass & how many other pets one has. But remember Caplin always lives on in our hearts, especially yours.

  • BettyMc

    What a precious baby he was! And look at all the good things that have happened because of him….his love is forever in your heart.

  • I am a sincere lover of these special guys and my heart goes out to all of them.We are ALL passing through and I’m just so honored to know, not only the cappi’s,,but YOU, the very very special people that love them.I feel that they are always connected to each other and are kind enough to give their attention to us.They KNOW how crazy in love we are of them, and yes what wonderful lives we DO afford them,and they cherish us so much for it. We FEEL it!Thank you Mommy, Melly, and Garabaldi, as the prince watches ud from on high praising our warmest efforts. Yes you the illustrious Caplin Rous!Do you know how you have affected people like me, especially when down in the dumps? That is a gift you have given selflessly, which is why it lifts us out of dark and lonely places. That, my dear friends is true love,And my Banditgirl is right there with you,my heart forever.Life is so much richer and meaningful because you found us in this BIG world.

  • francine

    I will always love and miss Caplin, he was a unique spirit and a great capy ambassador! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  • Raegan

    Thinking of you during this tough time! Hang in there! Caplin was a wonderful Capy! Forever in out hearts! Very adorable pictures of him – but lets face it, when wasn’t he cute?! <3

  • Chanda Bellick

    Melanie thank you so much for sharing all your memories with us. I can’t help but to get tears in my eyes while looking and reading your post. It hurts to lose your pets bc they are family.


    your CAPLIN Rous has always given me the feeling of peace.
    Whenever I could see new photos, could watch a new video
    about CAPLIN Rous,-then I always felt peace deep inside me.
    CAPLIN WAS SO CUTE ,-he seemed to understood you !
    MELANIE,-I thank you very much, that I could watch CAPLIN growing up!
    And that you always have answered my questions !

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