Maple WoMER: The Dread Pirate Rabbit


Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of carrot juice!

Maple WoMER (see this post if you don’t know how she got that name) has spent the past couple of weeks really living up to her name. I don’t know why she would do that because it seems like the most horrible thing ever. Not only has Melly been complaining about how much Maple costs ($2500 and counting!), but Maple has suffered a lot. This week she had to go to the vet and have her eye taken out! As terrible as that sounds, I think Maple feels better without the eye than she did with it. I don’t want to get into details about why.

Rabbit minus one eye :--(

Maple doesn’t really have an eye patch or a peg leg (her leg is fine, in case you were worried). The place where she used to have the eye is too sore for her to wear a patch. But I think once it heals, she’ll be the coolest bunny around. I’m sure Melly will make her an awesome eye patch!

In the meantime, my co-pets and I decided to have a show of support by wearing our own virtual eye patches.


Aaargh, matey! Don't give me that evil eye or I'll be makin you walk the plank!

Flopsy was all, “Cats don’t need to wear an eye patch to be cool.” And I was all like, “Cats, if they’re so cool, why do they always have to tell you about it?”

Oakley misses Maple the most

Oakley and Maple are best friends and are always hanging out together. Only now Maple is locked up in the dinning room and no one is allowed to visit her except during special visiting hours. Melly won’t tell me when those are so I just have to watch her through the fireplace screen.

Squawk! Poly want a cracker?

Firetail is a girl chicken, that’s why she lays eggs, so she wanted a fancy patch. The eye on her patch is an improvement over her real eye!


Stop chasing me with that sword!

Naturally, Cheap had to have a fancy eye patch too. She really shouldn’t run with it on because she can’t see very well. I hope Maple will learn to run and hop just like normal even though she’s missing an eye.


Three half-blind horses

The rest of us co-pets all put our eye patches on the same side as Maple WoMER’s missing eye (the right side) as a show of solidarity, but the horses decided to have their eye patch on the same side as their mane. They’re very fashion conscious.  Or maybe Phoenix and Chesapeake just wanted to cause trouble.

We’d love to post photos of you and your pets wearing an eye patch! That would be a great way to let Maple WoMER know you care. Please send you photos to me at and I’ll put it in this post!

If you’d like to help with Maple WoMER’s medical expenses, consider buying something from our store. Maple probably needs one more surgery to remove the lower teeth on her right side. She really is the World’s Most Expensive Rabbit! But after that she will hopefully, knock on a wooden leg, be fine.


Support from our friends



Ozzy Bunny has a super cute eye patch!


Bakersfield got left out of all the action. It's hard when you're in a cage.


So great when my rodent minions follow my command to honor Maple.


Aaargh! Time to walk the plank with yer!


That's a fancy with with a fancy patch.


Does this patch make my nose look big?


Sarah & Daisy are wondering how to catch birds like this?


Even some humans, like Chanda and Rosie, wear patches in solidarity with Maple!

Boe, Chanda's dog loves Maple too...and not in a bad way.


Chanda's dog Buddy wants to know what's for dinner...but it's NOT rabbit!

Rosie's dog Minnie lost her eye in real life so she is a WoMED.


Aaargh, Matey! I have a hook finger! (Melissa)


This is Maggie who belongs to Ann. She looks nice in a fancy patch.


Willow & Sadie also belong with Ann. Flopsy's right, cats can totally pull this off.


You don't see a fish wearing an eye patch everyday! This is Moonie who also lives with Ann.

Christina seems to need saving. I hope being blind in one eye didn't cause that!


Wash & Stormy, Christina's cats, might have only one eye, but it has supernatural powers.


Brewskie Butt, who owns BZ Tat, is the coolest cat alive.


Gatita is a kitten in solidarity with Maple.

Callie, Chai, Mu-Xi and Skeeter are all in solidarity with Maple!


Jak, Koi and Idris also belong to Kayla & are in solidarity with Maple! Kah!


Billy Macaw shows how wearing an eye patch is done.


Gerbils are so greedy! But still, they love Maple too.

I am not sure that Gordon is NOT a pirate!


I think the heart means that Jasmine loves Maple. How sweet (and I don't mean sweet tasting!)


I think Lynn could just black on the lens on that side of he glasses but this works too.

Cute little Megan, who belongs with Kim, insisted on a pink eye patch.


Overend Watts, who belongs with Alena, shows solidarity with Maple from one sick pet to another. Poor Overend is undergoing cancer treatments.


Harvey, who belongs with Hilde, is sailing the seas in a pirate box...I mean ship!


Fionka, who belongs to Helena, sends pirate greeting to Maple, aargh!


I don't think Bossy Boots Lamb can strike fear into the heart of anyone.

Rascal & friend really know the meaning of friendship.

22 comments to Maple WoMER: The Dread Pirate Rabbit

  • That’s SO nice that all of the co-pets are supporting Maple w/ eyepatches! Cheap is a VERY beautiful chicky! And Firetail looks so stunning w/ the patch! But no one looks as good as you, Gari!

  • Maybe Maple just really wanted to be in character for the upcoming holiday on the 19th. Did you know that the 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Maybe since bunnies aren’t big on talking she wanted it to be LOOK Like a Pirate Day, instead?

  • Chanda bellick

    Gari I ordered the cute pic of u and Caplins pawl print, I know it’s not much but I hope it helps Melly out a little.
    Please tell maple I’m praying for her and for Melly, I know it’s tough to care for a sick pet.

  • Malkah

    Oh Gari! You all are really great co-pets! I hope Maple gets better soon and is back to hopping and doing bunny things. <3

  • Toni

    Gari, you and Melly have been a great source of education about Capys for me! I have been delighted to follow your adventures as well as Caplin’s. Bunnies are my thing. I have six at the moment and work with rabbit rescue. I noticed the pretty colorful pieces in Oakley’s food. While they are pretty, the starch in corn is not healthy for rabbits. A plain good quality Timothy hay-based pellet food is best and unlimited quantities of Timothy hay. Hay is what keeps their teeth worn down and prevents abscesses from over grown molar spurs as well as maloccluded incisors. I am sure everyone of you are cheering Maple’s recovery on and doing all you can for her. I hope her recovery is quick and compete! Tell Melly bless her for caring for Maples so much. From experience I know how stressful caring for a sick bunny is.

  • Teresa

    I was shocked to learn that Maple WoMER
    lost an eye, but glad to see that you co-pets are being supportive of her.

  • lynn marcotte

    Very funny!
    I sure hope Maple feels better soon <3<3<3

  • Beverly Boher

    Arrrgh…that’s a sweet eyepatch, Maple WoMER. Your co-maties sure are sweet for wearing eyepatches in support of you. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d wear one too!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Glad to see the friends rallying to her side. I’m sure she’s moved by the show of support, even if she can’t really get up the oomph to show it right now. The Pigloo City 3 are pulling for Maple to make a full and quick recovery. Hugs to Maple, her co pets and family!!!

  • Elaine Pardo

    Best wishes for Maple and hope she feels better soon!

  • Julie Singleton

    Oh Hugs Maple, my one eyed Jon Bleu sends you lots of pirate love too. Dont worry Gari, Maple will be back to her old ways soon enough! xxxx

  • Cathy

    Feel better Maple WoMER! xo

  • mischievous Capybara

    Gari, you are such a compassionate Capybara. Did you help Melanie make those imaginative eye patches?

    It looks like the screen is back, I hope you can still access your Capy Cosy

  • Danielle O'Sullivan

    As horribly sad as I feel for Maple…these pictures and captions had me cracking up (Firetail got me)! Very sweet. Hoping for a fast and easy recovery for the bun bun.

  • Kristy Ogden

    Awwwww I’m so glad to know Maple is doing alot better. Hugs to all of you but Maple most of all! 🙂

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hi Gari!!!!! I am so glad that you and your co-pets are showing such wonderful support by wearing patches. Melly did a great job making them. I sent our pictures with patches on to e-mail and hope that Maple likes them. Give Maple a “Get Well” kiss from me, and a big one goes out to you.XOXOXO

  • Beth Rubanka

    wow, poor bunnypuff! I hope she’s feeling better soon. Infections can be really bad in rabbits, spreading from the jaw & teeth to…everywhere.

    All of your pets are so supportive. I enjoyed the chickens & horses, and the turtle–very piratey! My cats refuse to wear an eye patch unlessit is halloween. I will try then!

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    If Coral Waters donated a couple of pieces of her magnificent hair and very gently attached them, temporarily of course, to the top of Maple WorMer’s head, you could call her “Maple the Dread Locked Pirate Rabbit!” A big shout out to everyone who shared their Solidarity Eye Patches. Gari, you have to tell her how many people are pulling for her.

  • Nic

    The special effects are great. Arr can an you give me a cool hat and a peg leg?

  • Oh my, so many animals as pirates! Great to see the guinea pig department well represented. But Firetail the chicken looks ferocious with her patch.
    Hope that Maple heals quickly & starts feeling better very, very soon.Keeping her in my prayers.

  • Alena Loiselle

    Get well soon, Maple, and do a big binky for Overend Watts, her brothers, and me!

  • […] my last installment on Maple, I told you how she got her eye removed and her eyelids sewed closed. Well, last week the vet took […]

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