My New Favorite Place


Marking the fireplace screen

Since Maple WoMER has been in the house for the last week, Melly has been using the fireplace screens to lock her in the dinning room. I have to admit that I hardly ever go in the dinning room but it still makes me mad to have it blocked off. So when Melly took Maple out to give her medicine, I sneaked in and marked the place as mine, just so she knows.


A tunnel

You live in a place for a year and a half and you think you know it. Then something unexpected happens and whole new worlds are opened up. For example, once Melly moved the pesky screens, the fireplace turns out to be an interesting place. It makes a nice little tunnel shortcut from the living room to the family room or vice versa. That had never even occurred to me before.


A cozy corner

Something else I never would have dreamed of is that my bed fits the fireplace exactly! That can’t be a coincidence. I don’t think it is a fireplace at all. It is probably meant as a capybara bed chamber and Melly and Rick were hiding it from me.

View from the living room

Just about the best thing about the Capy Cozy is the wonderful view it gives people of me from different rooms. The second best thing about it is the great view that I have of almost the whole house!

View from the family room

It’s a pretty sweet spot. Way better than Bakersfield’s, whose cage you can see to the left in this photo. You’ll notice that the lid to Bake’s cage is open. Melly leaves it that way most of the time but Bakes never even tries to get out. Okay, sometimes he goes up on top of the cage but that is it. He’s a real home ratty.

Me watching Flopsy watch Maple

Flopsy the Killer Cat has been visiting us for the past few days. His reputation seems undeserved because he can’t catch Maple even though she is sick. Actually, I think he is afraid of Maple.

Me sniffing Flopsy

For a killer cat, Flopsy is afraid of some strange things. Not just rabbits. I think he is also afraid of Bakersfied. And the chickens. And even me.

Why is Flopsy leaving?

It’s hard to be friends with someone who is scared of you but I keep trying.

Time to move on

Well, if Floppers is leaving, so am I. I’m a busy capybara, you know. I don’t always just lie around sleeping, I’ve got stuff to do like swimming and eating.

Stepping out

It’s a small step down to the carpet from my Capy Cozy. I like it that it is raised like that. It give a better view.

I wonder if Melly is thinking she can put those screens back up once Maple WoMER gets well. If she does, she’s got a hard lesson coming.

9 comments to My New Favorite Place

  • Laurie Coppola

    Obviously a special place just for you, that Melly was keeping as a surprise for just the right time.

  • lynn marcotte

    Fantastic blog & pics, as usual!

  • Malkah

    Oh Gari! What a perfect place to have your bed!

  • The fact that your bed cushion fits exactly must mean that it’s supposed to be a cozy lookout for you and not whatever Melly was using it for.It frames you perfectly for photos, too, so that’s a plus.
    Flopsy doesn’t look like a killer cat to me, look at that friendly expression on his face. That is a pretty big rock that he’s sitting next to.
    Hope that Maple’s vet visit goes well & that she continues to get better.

  • Francine

    This is GENIUS!! Garibara has his own little room!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    The Handsome capybara has a new home…but it’s going to be difficult to pamper and sratch you if you’re tucked away in there

    BTW isn’t it a bit ‘pot calling the kettle black’ to describe Bakersfield “He’s a real home ratty.” Since when did you like going out?

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Gari, would you mind very much if I climb in there with you and we can snuggle? We’d be soooo comfy! XOXOXO

  • Stephanie Labbate

    That IS a great place for a Capy! I would snuggle with you in there too. Would you mind if I brought a “minion” (aka Guinea Pig) — they are very good creatures to snuggle with!

  • barbara salapek

    beautiful bed chamber Gari. I think Melly was hiding it so u would sleep on her bed. Hard lesson indeed!

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