Guinea Who?

Who are you?

This little guy came to live at our house on Monday. He doesn’t have a name yet. Melly’s been calling him Piig, but I don’t think that is a good name. So we’re going to have a contest with prizes and everything to name my little co-pet. In case you don’t know what he is, he is a guinea pig, a close relative of capybaras.


Here is the Piig with Decoy Piig. Decoy isn’t real but he is the color of a real guinea pig. Papua Piig, whose owner runs the great Guinea Pig Today site,  is just the same color as Decoy (that’s actually how Decoy got his name). Anyway, you can see that gpigs come in a lot more color varieties than capybaras do. I don’t even know how to describe Piig’s color.

What's in there?

Melly has Piig locked up in this little area between the kitchen and the dining room. He hides in a pigloo so I can’t see him, but I am very curious.

Meeting the Piig

Finally she brought him out so I could meet him. She put him up on the coffee table. Is that where piigs belong?

What is that thing?

At first I didn’t know what to make of the Piig. Was it going to eat my peanuts? Okay, those are ones I spilled on the floor and I am not going to eat them myself, but that doesn’t mean someone else can just waltz over and take them. (I’m not sure gpigs can waltz since their legs are so short, but you know what I mean.)

Those are mine, even if I don't want them

Luckily, Piig does not seem to like peanuts. Or maybe he was too afraid to eat. I’ll have to keep an eye on him for a little while yet before I can completely trust him.

Piig on a blanket

Melly put him in my bed so I could get a better look at him. I mostly sniff, I don’t do so much looking. He smells interesting, very interesting.

We have a runner!

Piig made a break for it! He’s a runner! Those who know me know that if someone is willing to run, I am willing to chase! He might be even more fun to chase than Maple WoMER, too early to tell. Melly stopped me right away. She said that is no way to welcome my new co-pet into our house. But I think she is wrong, I think it is the perfect way.

Now on to the names!

We are searching for a cute, clever, unique and appropriate name for little Piig. If you’ve got an idea, put it in a comment on this post. On Sunday I will open a poll so that everyone can vote on their favorite name. Normally I give more time than that to get your entries in but the little guy can’t go for too long without a name.

I’m going to start the name suggestions with three possibilities:

  1. October (because we got him in October)
  2. Goblin (because it’s almost Halloween)
  3. Saturn (’cause he has rings)

Okay, get those suggestions coming!

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