My Piig and Me


Me and Winston

Thanks to everyone who helped me pick out a name for my new guinea pig co-pet. He is now saddled with the name Winston. I guess it fits him because he is a very dignified and refined animal, especially for a guinea pig. And he is not one to rush off in a panic. He’s a calm, reserved, well-mannered pig. But his best feature is his nose, which is very, very cute, even if it is a bit on the small side.

Update! Update!

Melly and Rick decided that his full name should be Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st. Now he’s all full of himself.

Me and Winston out by the pool yard

Melly let Winston come out to the pool with me. He sat on the platform at the top of the ladder and we had quite a nice long chat, but he wouldn’t come in. Winston said water and rodents don’t mix. I told him that’s just silly, capybaras and beavers are the two largest rodents and we are both very aquatic. So he changed it to water and small rodents don’t mix. He’s got me there. I don’t know any small rodents that really like the water. Bakersfield, my rat co-pet, can swim but I wouldn’t say he likes to.

Eating lettuce with Winston

Melly gave both me and Winston some lettuce and then she tried to photograph us. Winston finished his too quickly though. (It was just a tiny piece.) I ate a whole loaf of romaine so she was able to get a better shot of me eating.


Winston with his lettuce

Isn’t Winston cute with his lettuce? Actually, I ate that piece but you get the idea. He’s got such a tiny mouth, he could never eat a big leaf like that. Someone had to help him and I’m just the capy for the job!


Fearless Winston

Melly thought Winston might be afraid to be outside, high on a platform over the water, but he didn’t mind at all. You can see how relaxed he is. He’s a very brave piig indeed.


Bottoms up!

Winston is so brave that he lets Melly hold him upside down. Because of this, which I have heard is unusual in a guinea pig, I think I might be able to teach him to roll. He would make a great sidekick for me in Nic Lara’s comics. He could have a matching blue cape. My cape says “Super Capy.” Winston’s cape could say “Super Cavy.” We are going to make a great dynamic duo!

26 comments to My Piig and Me

  • Malkah

    So cute! I love Winston!

  • Pam

    That is one adorable piig!

    But I’ve just learned, to my very great sorrow, that guinea pigs can get GDVs. So it might be a good idea *not* to roll him, just in case.

  • Laurie Coppola

    Aw! I’m so glad he has a name, and that you and Winston get along so well 🙂

  • Aw! Hi Winston! You and Gari will make the ultimate super rodent duo! For truth, justice, and the rodent way!

  • Nic

    I think that putting Winston in the capy comics is a great idea. I also have Bakersfield as hawkeye in part 3 but that’s all I can give you as a sneak peak for later.

  • Chanda Bellick

    Winston is a great name for such a cute Piggie 🙂

  • francine

    YES!! WINSTON!!!

  • Kathryn

    Great photos! Great name! And thanks for the sneak peak Nic!

  • lynn

    It’s a great name!
    Pics are really fabulous!!

  • Alena Loiselle

    What a great piig!

  • Raquel

    Winston, what a super cute piig!! And Melly is a great photographer of his cuteness!!

  • Sara Beth

    I knew Gari & Winston would be besties!! Sooo cute!

  • Stephanie

    Your Winston is SO cute! Please no rolling for Winston — GPs are not built for rolling or running in wheels. They are good for snuggling; their bellies and bums always have to be supported. They are luv running, hiding, excellent at eating lettuce.

  • Joann Taylor

    Hi Winston. What a noble name.
    You want to be careful leaving Winston outside. Guinea pigs are easy pickings birds of prey.

  • Joann Taylor

    sorry about that…for birds of prey…

  • Punkin

    I hope you and your new buddy have a lot of great adventures to share with us.

  • Oh my, Winston’s full name is bigger than he is! He’s a very unusual color & I’m glad we will be seeing him regularly. And it’s great that Gari & he get along so well.

  • Milana

    He is SUCH a handsome pig. And so relaxed! Most guinea pigs would be freaking out, but he’s just chillin’, like a pig loaf.

  • Michelle

    We had a wonderful piggy known as “Winston the Wonder-pig”. He lived to be 5 1/2 years old and we usually included him on our answering machine greeting with something along the lines of “Winston is busy plugging a hole in the space-time continuum with alfalfa pellets and a wooden carrot, so please leave a message”

  • Barbie salapek

    Beautiful coat Winston! Gari is so nice to others!

  • Lelani

    How many guinea pig friends do you have now gari? Maybe you can show us a photo with all of them in it! and their names of course!

  • Laura McClure

    Gari — next time Winston says that small rodents and water don’t mix remind him of muskrats. They aren’t any bigger than guinea pigs and very aquatic.

  • Liz

    Melly, Winston is so adorable! They do make a cute pair!

  • […] And a more standard-sized rodent: a Guinea pig. Garibaldi and Winston […]

  • Ed Bailey

    Greetings. Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st very much resembles our late cavia The Emperor Alex. We would like to know from whom, the person or company, you adopted Winston. Thanks for your considering this. Ed

  • Garibaldi Rous

    WBB1 came from a local pet store where he was promoted as “Free adult guinea pig with cage.” I suppose he might have been someone’s unwanted pet or maybe a breeder who outlived his usefulness. He is, however, an amazing pig. I am about to write a blog post about him.

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