Oh! My Aching Paw!

My bandaged paw

I had a little accident. During the middle of the night, I hurt my paw. Actually it was at 4 am, when my humans were asleep. After spending a few minutes outside, gazing at the stars in the clear, crisp night air, I had a major altercation with the door on my way back in. It attacked me! I panicked. But I got away, that is the important thing.

At the vet's.

Luckily for me, Melly and Rick didn’t think it was serious enough for me to go all the way to Texas A&M (TAMU). Instead I just had to go to the local exotic animal vet. It’s still the vet but at least it is also not a really long car ride there and back.

My Rick was with me.

I wanted to get in My Rick’s lap but there really isn’t a lap there. This is always disappointing to me. I wish My Rick would lose some weight so that there would be enough room for me.

Before photo of my paw

This is what my paw looked like before my injury. Only not exactly because the vet trimmed my toe nails and took off those weird growths last time I was there for my teeth. Melly was worried that they would get caught on something and get ripped off. Little did she know!

I ripped the pad most of the way off my paw

Ugh! I can’t stand to look at that myself! No wonder it hurts so much.

The vet said that it would not work to sew it back on because the pad part of my paw doesn’t have good circulation. You can see that is true because the wound is pretty terrible but there isn’t much blood. So we have to wait for it to die and fall off on its own. Otherwise, Dr. Hoppes can cut it off next time I go in for my teeth.

In the meantime, Melly is supposed to clean it out twice per day, use the hose to flush it out for several minutes each time, and then rebandage it with antibiotics and vet wrap.

Home at last

Finally, I got to go home! I have some lovely vet wrap on my foot. That is a true fashion statement.

Limping Garibaldi

I hope my foot heals quickly because limping like this is painful and painfully slow. I want to be well by tomorrow! Which is not just because I don’t like pain, the Brazilians are here filming me for Globo’s Domingao do Faustao. Cristian Dimitrius, who is very famous in Brazil, is supposed to go swimming with me tomorrow! What a mess!


Super Capy helping me bear the pain

Super Capy is pretty nice for a plush superhero! You can see that he also got his foot bandaged. For some reason, that makes me feel better.

If you would like to help with my medical expenses, which are numerous, you can take this opportunity to purchase a Super Capy plush with a bandaged foot for a discount. (There’s nothing really wrong with the Super Capy’s foot, it is just for solidarity.)


29 comments to Oh! My Aching Paw!

  • Margie

    Hope your foot heals quickly. That sure looks painful.

  • Michele Cole

    Poor Gari. So sad to see him limping. I hope he is up and swimming in no time!

  • Laurie Coppola

    I’m so glad you only needed a good cleaning up and bandaging! I’m so sad your foot hurts, especially since there’s no way to walk without using it 🙁 I hope Super Capy and you heal quickly, and you still get to swim with your Brazilian friend tomorrow!

  • Chanda Bellick

    Gari I’m so sorry you hurt your foot 🙁
    Both of my dogs have had that happen to them and its super painful. I hope you get to feeling better soon and don’t be so rough on Rick about his weight. Lol

  • Joann Taylor

    Hope you are quickly mended, Gari. Listen to Melly and Rick and let them take care of washing/dressing your foot and you will be good as new in no time. Also, you should be extra pleased that Super Capy is giving you such terrific support!

  • Leslie Kuretzky

    Poor sweetie. Get better fast.

  • Alena Loiselle

    Poor sweet Gari, I hope that foot heals quickly so you can romp again. I don’t like to see you limping.

  • Ooh! That looks so painful! Hope it heals quickly. I’m sure you gave the peoples quite a scare when they woke up. Take care.

  • How sad…you will do capys fight the cold here and their feet get frost bitten but as soon as it gets warm they do really good. So I know you will get well quickly.

  • Poor Gari!! Sorry to hear of your latest setback. Hope your tootsie heals quickly and you can go swimming tomorrow. Of you can’t I would gladly fill in for you haha. You should see me in a bikini.

  • Nina

    Poor Gari! My piggy’s feet get those funny little growths on them too, but she doesn’t mind if I trim them with nail clippers! Bet you wouldn’t let me trim yours, would you? Feel better buddy! Be kind to your mom and Rick and let them change your bandages without a whole lot of fuss, and it’ll get better quicker!

  • Rachel

    Aww, poor Cappy! I hope you feel better soon! We’re all rooting for you to have a quick recovery. I love that your parents wrapped up your dolls foot. When I was a little girl and I had chicken pox, my mom used a marker to give me doll chicken pox too. And I agree, it does somehow make it better. I hope you’re up and walking normally soon. My dog had a hurt paw that had him limping for a while too. Just be glad you don’t need a cone!

  • Artlee

    Sorry you hurt your foot Gari I hope it heals quickly..Feel better

  • Alex

    Oh, poor Gari. It must hurt a lot. I hope it will heal itself soon!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Melly really should do something about that attacking door. Me and the 4 Little (Guinea) Pigs are sorry about yr foot. It looks painful, but only real men can wear PINK vet wrap !

    Feel better soon!

  • Nic

    Ouchies that looked terribly painful! I hope you feel better soon.

  • So sorry you have hurt your paw Gari. It looks really painful. You must be very brave for Melly while she is cleaning it. <3 xxxx

  • lynn marcotte

    Wow that really looks bad!
    Vet should have used blue on you!
    Can you not hop & not use injured foot??

  • Liani

    Oh Gari! I didn’t think it would be such a deep cut….I hope you feel better real soon. Take it easy and relax 🙂 xxxx

  • Punkin

    I hope you heal quickly my big friend. We ordered a super capy. Our kitty had a mishap at the vet once and came home with green vet wrap all over her paw. They were going to trim her nails and she got away from them and in the chase she got one of her nails caught on something and tore it clean off! Our cat is strange.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Poor sweet Gari! I hope your paw will be better soon. That door bite looks very nasty. While you are healing, please try all the wonderful colors that vet tape comes in — bright purple is my favorite. If I had not just gotten a Super Capy, I would have ordered one with a bandaged paw. At this time, I think I am only able to bandage my Super Capy’s paw to show solidarity.

  • Tammy Bakken

    Poor Gari:( Feel better soon Buddy

  • Bob

    Oh no! Naughty door 🙁 Get better soon! 🙂

  • Milana

    Ouch! That looks painful! I very rarely cringe at medical stuff, but even I winced because that looks like it hurt a lot.

    Feel better soon, Garibara!

  • Doll Parts

    Ohhh nooo, Gary, that looks so painful!! 🙁 I hope you have a speedy recovery and that the mean door never attacks you again!! *hugs*

  • Cheryl

    Poor Gari. I hope that your paw heals quickly.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hello my sweet Gari, I hope your cute little paw is much better by today. It sure looks painful. My heart dropped when I saw the picture of it. OUCH!!!! If I was there with you now I would give that door a big kick for hurting you like that. I never knew a door could be so mean. Nasty door. I just ordered a Capy Plush with a bandaged foot and Celeste & Giant Hamster book and can’t wait to get it. I will take my Capy Plush with me everywhere I go. It will be like taking you with me. Maybe you can tell Melly to let you kiss my Capy Plush before it is mailed out so I can kiss it and know your sweet little lips were on it and I will feel like I’m kissing YOU! Lot’s of love to you sweetie! XXXXXXXXXXX Ann

  • […] you remember when I hurt my paw way back January? If not you can read Oh! My Aching Paw! Well, at that time we had a special offer of a Super Capy with a paw bandage just like mine. Here […]

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