My 3rd Birthday


A scary start

I think my birthday party was a surprise party because no one was more surprised than me when a DOG showed up! That is Peri (short for Periscope). She has visited us before (read my Dog Invasion post) so I guess she is a friend? Melly said she is anyway but she is the scariest friend I have. I would NOT have invited her to my party but, sadly, Melly is in charge of these things and she often does not have my best interests at heart.

I could jump in the pool in an instant

After my initial shock and dismay, I was able to get out of the pool even with Peri around, as long as I stayed ready to leap to safety at the first sign of aggression. I should say, the first sign of aggression by Peri toward me. Peri’s owner, Jen, said Peri is not dangerous or vicious but you’ll have to explain that to the chickens and Oakley Bunny. They all got quite a work out. This also explains why none of them are in my birthday party photos. The chickens were exiled to outside the fenced yard and Oakley got to go hide out in Melly’s office. I, on the other hand, had to face the monster dog all by myself.


Me and Jen and Peri

After a while, I got to the point where I could be near Peri even when there was no water for me to jump into. In this photo, Jen is making sure her dog doesn’t stick her enormous fangs into my tender birthday-boy flesh.


Chasing Peri

A little later, I discovered that I can actually chase Peri! If I run after her, she runs away! I had NO IDEA that would happen! Look at me in the photo above! I am chasing A DOG! Oh my gosh, am I the bravest capybara in the world or what? I guess that’s what happens when you turn three!


My new Super Capy cape

Melly made me this cool Super Capy cape for my birthday and I guess I deserve it! Not only do I have super rolling power, I also have super dog chasing power. Yup, I guess I really am a Super Capy!


Every superhero needs a sidekick

Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st is my superhero sidekick. We are still trying to discover if he has a superpower or not. Do sidekicks have to have a superpower? Can WBB1’s just be cuteness?


Some of my party guests

Instead of eating cake, my guests and I all enjoyed a big bowl of lettuce. WBB1 got a little greedy here. Melly says his superpower may be eating. Coral put the streamers on the tortoises, Leah (the big one) and Casseo (the small one). I think they liked them. The streamers and the happy birthday sign were all gifts from my friend Ann Bednarek who lives in Buffalo, New York and wasn’t able to attend the party.


Party animals

You can see what crazy party animals WBB1 and the tortoises are! Good thing we didn’t have a punch bowl or they would have been swimming in it.


Festive Casseo

Once the food is gone, it is hard to get a tortoise to hang around. I don’t really think they have anything better to do but you would never know it from the way they race around the yard!

Birthday Cards

These are some of the birthday cards I got. I loved them all. Two of them even made noise. The pig card make a sound like a pig (which is not really a nice sound) and the fish card sings a little song about three fishies. Oh wait, I actually got two cards with fish on them! Hey, all my cards have animals on them!  I like that! And now that I’m not afraid of dogs anymore (or at least not AS afraid of dogs), the dog card doesn’t even scare me. In fact, I think it is really cute.

My presents

These are some of the presents my friends and fans sent me. They are mostly treats, which is the very best type of present. I also like the little duck because it makes a cute duck sound. There were a couple more presents, including my Super Capy cape, but they didn’t make it into the photo.

Coral, the decorator

I want to give a special shout out to everyone who make my birthday so wonderful! That includes the attendees, Coral, Jen, Peri, Leah, Casseo, Oakley, the chickens, WBB1, My Rick, and Melly. It also includes everyone who sent me a card or presents, including Ann Bednarek, Kerry Anne Kedzierski and Alfalfa, Josh James, and my wonderful fans at Trafford Corp in PA. I love you all! (And Melly says Sherri has the neatest writing she has ever seen!)

Year three is going to be my best year ever, I hope. The party started it out on the right note. But I’ll need you all to wish me luck with my tooth situation. I am going to the vet again tomorrow and hopefully this will not be so terrible as some of my previous visits. I think I may need to wear my new cape and eat some of my birthday treats during the car trip.

25 comments to My 3rd Birthday

  • Alex

    Gari, congratulations! You are really a big boy now! My friend Alexandra has sent you the first picture in a series yesterday, very soon there will appear a capybara, I mean in the next ones. I hope to see you this year! And, of course, good luck with the vet visit!

  • Erika

    Gari, I am so happy that one of your newfound superpowers is chasing dogs. I can see how proud you are to have discovered that! The streamers on the tortoises are pretty awesome & your cape is pretty fabulous!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hello Gari my love, These are such great pictures of your Birthday party. Coral is a good decorator. The cape Melly made you is awesome!!!! It looks so good on you. But then, what doesn’t? I am so happy that you had fun. Good luck at the vet. I’m sure everything will be fine and yes you should wear the cape. I love you so much. Many kisses going out to you.XXXXXXXXXX Ann Bednarek

  • Janet Lutkus

    Happy Birthday! We are almost twins — my birthday was the 7th (although I am quite a bit older than you… I LOVE your new cape! Just like the one on the little toy capybara I got from your site. Wasn’t celebrating fun? Your party looked like lots of fun. Good luck tomorrow at the vets-I know you are going to do fine.

  • Milana

    Happy birthday, Garibara!

  • Happy Birthday, Gari. What a wonderful and festive party you had. Even though all your fans couldn’t attend we were thinking about you on your special day. How brave of you to overcome your fear of Peri. Perhaps you can even be friends in the future and have more parties. You look so handsome in your Super Capy Cape. Definitely, you should wear it to the vet tomorrow. Tell Melly to give you lots of treats to calm you.

  • Malkah

    Happy birthday, Gari! How brave you are, facing that doggy by yourself!! I am so impressed! Of course, Peri looks like a Very Nice Doggy, and has a very sweet face. But you never can tell!!

  • Hey, Gari, NICE PARTY! In spite of the dog. You might be getting a present from me, too, if it ever gets there. We sent it by tortoise, so it is not getting there very fast. Maybe Wednesday.

  • Bel, Bootie & Pumpkin

    Yes Gari, Super-Cuteness is definitely a super power. We totally share your fear of dentists, so we can empathise. Just try to think how great it’ll be to have your beautiful smile maintained. And yes, wear your cape.xx

  • A great account of your birthday Gari, and such wonderful photos. The next best thing to being there myself. Loved the way even the tortoises were participating.

  • Punkin

    You have the greatest adventures I am so happy you are my friend. And I am very impressed with your new super power.

  • Lisa

    i was a bad friend and did not get a chance to wish you happy birfday yesterday on facebook so HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY! looks like your party was amazing! im glad you overcame your fear of dogs. Peri looks like a good dog who could be a nice friend. all the pictures are great. you look very regal in your new Super Capy cape and WBB1 is a great sidekick. his superpower is obviously being super cute and eating in a bowl! i love the picture of you and WWB1 and all the tortoises having some party snacks!

  • Angie

    Goodness! What a big boy you are! Your Melly has the greatest sense of humor ever — it’s such a pleasure to read your blog. Good luck at the vetdentist!

  • Happy Birthday Gari! It looks like you had a really awesome party 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you are getting ready to go to the vet today, but after chasing that scary dog this will be nothing!

  • Beverly B

    It looks like you had a fantastic day Gari!!! Thank you for sharing it with us on your blog. Love you little guy!!

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Happy Birthday Gari!!!! It seems, just by turning THREE, your super powers are increasing. #1. You got a VERY COOL cape! #2. You didn’t seem overly frustrated by the dog. In fact you even chased him!!! So, perhaps you can add chasing away (some) large, scary animals. All in all. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.

  • Nancy Piccirilli

    Dear Gari,
    Happy third birthday! I wish you many more fun birthdays and lots of treats every day. Good luck at the dentist!
    Love from Nancy and Chumlee the Guinea pig.

  • Steve

    Sorry for the late wishes, but I hope your 3rd birthday was filled with joy, friends, love and food!!


  • Raquel

    Happy birthday, oh brave capy!! You’re the best capy ambassador of the world! <3

  • Oh that was a a splendid party! I like all the decorations and I see that WBB1 has a matching cape. How cool! (But does he really think he can eat that huge bowl of lettuce? It’s way bigger than he is!)
    I sent birthday greetings to you on Facebook, but I’ll send them again from Dora, my guinea pig.
    Good Luck at the dentist & hope the visit is painless.

  • Cheryl

    Happy Birthday Gari. May you have a wonderful year with all your furry friends including WBB1. The capes look awesome. Good luck at the dentist. Love Cheryl and my zoo.

  • Nic

    Woah Gari, that’s a lot of presents!

  • sam

    happy birthday gari

  • Ed

    Hey Gari, is Coral single?

  • John Bevington

    do you think the capybara would run in a hamster wheel?

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