Ponds Are For Rolling


Finally! A pond.

I hope you have been following the drama surrounding my pond rejuvenation (if not, please read them in this order: What Happened to My Pond?A Busy Day,  Pond Dreams). Well, the project is just about done and it is about time!

Fill 'er up!

Melly dug all of the irises out herself but she needed help when it came to putting the pond liner in so Philip and Sheldon came over. This was a critical part and their help was really appreciated.

Tasting the waters

Before I could get in, I had to taste the water to make sure it was okay. It’s the same water that fills up my pool and my water bowl but still, you can’t be too careful.

My pond!

This is what my pond looks like now. Melly is going to fix it up with stones (or something) around the rim so you don’t see the liner and put a bunch of plants in pots both in the water and around the outside of the pond. It looks pretty inviting, doesn’t it? I don’t even have to climb any hay steps to get in it!

But there’s something strange going on with the pond already. For one thing, there are fish in it! Some are goldfish and some are minnows. The first day there were a whole lot of them but every day since, there have been fewer and fewer. I think it might have something to do with Nessie. If you look closely at the photo at the top of this post, you can see there is a turtle swimming into the deepest part of the pool. That is Nessie, the snapping turtle.


Turns out Nessie has been in my pond since the very beginning! Melly says she’s been there about eighteen years! Only for the past couple of years, she hasn’t had much water to swim in. I guess that is why she crawls around on the bottom so much.

Nessie has a big mouth

Nessie has a really big mouth and, as you can see in the photo above, she likes to sit around with it gaping wide open. I am afraid this behavior might explain the decline in numbers of fish in the pond. Some of the fish apparently swim right into her mouth, never to be seen again. Luckily she is much too small to swallow a capybara!

Swimming in the pond!

Look! That is a photo of me swimming in my pond! I didn’t even know ponds were for swimming in. It turns out that they are quite fun.

Ponds are for rolling!

The depth and size of the pond make it just perfect for rolling. It’s just deep enough that I can push off a little with my feet when I am in the upside-up position. It’s quite wonderful.

Ponds are for rolling!

If you don’t believe me that ponds are for rolling, all you have to do is watch that video. You will see how perfect they are. Or at least how perfect my pond is now that it has water in it.

Ponds are for making friends!

I am not sure Nessie really wants to be my friend. It seems like she tries to hide when I am around.

Time to get out

The pond is really easy to get in and out of. Today I got in and out of it about five times! You just walk right out. So simple, who would have thought?

Sun-dried capybara

In between swims I sat in the sun to dry out. Only it was cloudy today so I actually sat in the shade, but I would have been in the sun if there had been any.

So the verdict is that I love my new pond! I am even almost not mad at Melly for getting rid of my irises. Almost.

14 comments to Ponds Are For Rolling

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Wow Gari, What an awesome job Melly did with your pond. (Phillip & Sheldon too) It looks so fresh and inviting. You are so lucky. I love how you roll in it. You are so cute. And have the best life. I wish I could get in the pond with you but with my luck Nessie would take a good bite out of me. LOL

  • Wow! Gari your pond looks lovely and so inviting except for Nessie. You are so lucky that Melly loves you SO much that she wants to make you happy.

    I can just imagine having a swim then lying in the sun with you. Lucky boy!!! xoxo

  • Alex

    Hoorray!!!! Gari has a pond! You are the luckiest carpincho!

  • rosenatti

    NOW I WANT A POND. For rolling and stuff.

  • Laurie Coppola

    That is a fabulous pond, and you showed your super power so well 🙂 Don’t push Nessie too far. She could bite you a world or hurt! I can’t wait to see it all done. Enjoy 🙂

  • Janet Lutkus

    Look at you Gari! And now that your pond is more full, it even looks like you’ve stopped sitting on Nessie’s back. What a wonderful pond. Perfect for your rolls. Who knew?

  • Mary Carter

    I’m glad Nessie isn’t biting your feets …. that would put quite a damper on your new found joy !

  • Nancy Piccirilli

    Roll, Gari, roll!

  • Oh wow, that’s a terrific pond! It’s much bigger than I thought it would be & I like how easy it is for you to get into & out of. I bet Nessie is happy to have more water in it too. And she probably isn’t hiding from you, but is jealous of your rolling ability.
    Looking forward to seeing how Melly decorates the area around the pond, maybe she will put some irises back?

  • Francine

    I would like a pond. While I do enjoy turtles very much, I think I would stick with ones that would not bite me. Will there be mud in the pond? Mud is very satisfying.

  • barb salaoek

    How wonderful for u Gari! I have a pond too! My dogs ♡ it & our fish population Dropped b.c. of a heron! Happy rolling!

  • barb salaoek

    Pics of Nessie are amazing!

  • Cheryl

    Looks like you are having the time of your life in your new clean pond. You should give Mellie an extra special Thank You for cleaning it up. Now you have more room to swim and roll around. Enjoy it.

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