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I guess most people know that because of my bad teeth, I am supposed to do more grazing. Melly even planted a nice pasture full of grass that she said was just for me. Only–no big surprise here–she lied. I actually have to share my pasture with some other animals.

Peter Cottontail

Most of the other animals I have to share with are rabbits, little wild bunnies that come and go as they please. I do not mind sharing with them even though there are a lot of them. They are pretty small and I do not think they can eat very much. Plus, they are not at all scary.

Flopsy the Killer Cat

I also have to share with Flopsy, the Killer Cat. Only I’m not sure he really eats much grass at all. I see him chewing on it but then afterward it looks like it is all still there. I don’t mind sharing with him either because he is also not scary. In fact, even the little bunnies are not scared of him.

Buzz, the horse

Sometimes I have to share with my horse co-pet, Buzz. That is a bit more of a problem. Buzz is HUGE! He is as much bigger than me as I am bigger than Peter Cottontail! Maybe even more. And he eats a lot. A whole lot. And he is scary.

You stay over there and I'll stay over here

I have three horse co-pets but I never have to graze with the other two. Melly says Chesapeake and Phoenix aren’t to be trusted. She says I can trust Buzz because he is sweet and he is 28 years old which is too old to cause trouble. It does sound ancient but he is still alive and moving around and could easily step on a little capybara such as myself.

I'll just graze over here next to you

When Buzz is around, I try to stay near Melly when I am grazing. Melly seems to know how to make horses do what she wants, at least part of the time.

This is delicious

Mostly I concentrate on my own eating and keep my paws crossed that Buzz doesn’t come too close. Plus, it’s kind of a race. Buzz has a much bigger mouth than I do and I don’t want him to get all of the good grass.

Eating the good grass

But he does, doesn’t he? He gets all the good grass and Melly doesn’t even try to shoo him away. It’s almost like she doesn’t care if he eats the best grass and I am left with the dregs.

Too close for comfort

I hope he is as gentle as Melly says he is because being this close to a giant horse makes me very uncomfortable.

The space between us

I don’t think this pasture is big enough for the two of us.

The best view

This is my favorite view of Buzz because I don’t think horses can run backward. I am a bit jealous of that tail though.


In summary, my life is hard and Melly makes it harder.

4 comments to Grazing Buddies

  • Laurie Coppola

    Poor Buzz. No offense, Gari, but horses are nice, and if he wanted to hurt you, he would have. Give him a chance. He might have some great stories to tell. You two can pretend to graze together, while he entertains you! You might even look forward to going out to graze with Buzz. You won’t know if you don’t try 🙂

  • rosenatti

    Stop gawking at Buzz and EAT, already!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    That’s some nice grass, WOW! Seriously, Gari, I think there is PLENTY of grass for you and all the other creatures. Sounds like you don’t want to share 🙁

    I don’t think horses are known for stepping on Capybaras — I’m sure you’re safe with Buzz. Please be nice to the older gentleman.

    Backside photos are the best and Buzz does have a good tail!

    GREAT photos in today’s blog, Melly!

    Happy grazing!

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