Puppy Play Date

Me and Sheldon

Yesterday I was just hanging out in my pool when my old friend Sheldon dropped by. I like Sheldon but lately he brings “baggage” with him when he comes over. The baggage is in the form of two Boston terrier puppies.

The two puppies

See that photo of the two puppies? Do you notice anything strange about them? Their feet are not all on the ground! That means they are running. They run everywhere! They are like little streaks of lightning. I thought that they would calm down now that they are a little older, but Sheldon says four months old is still puppy and puppies do a lot of running. If you’d like to read my blog post about them when they were only three months old, read Puppy Day.

Puppy tag

At first I tried to play with the puppies by chasing them. This didn’t work out well because they are much, much faster than rabbits and I cannot even catch Oakley Bunny even though she is not fast for a rabbit. The puppies can literally run circles around me. So I did not like that game.

Getting to know you

I must be getting over my fear of dogs because I am not afraid of Juju and Tali at all anymore. Do you see how brave I look in the above photo? Sure, I am a lot bigger than they are, but there are two of them and did I mention how fast they are?

Touching noses with Juju

It almost looks like the puppies are more afraid of me than I am of them. Melly always tells me that’s true but I’m pretty sure Sheldon tells the puppies that I am more afraid of them than they are of me. They can’t both be true so either Melly or Sheldon is lying and, honestly, I don’t much trust Melly.

Does she want me to scratch her belly?

Sheldon says that Juju rolls over like this because she is being submissive. He says that is what dogs do. How strange! When I roll over like that it is because I want someone to scratch my stomach.

Playing with the puppies

I was trying to scratch Juju’s stomach but my only choices are my teeth (too sharp) and my paws (too heavy) so I just rubbed her belly with my nose instead. Do you see how I wasn’t afraid of her at all? I wonder if I am afraid of dogs anymore. Maybe I am over it. Or maybe other, bigger dogs are scarier.

Time for treats

Afterward, it was time for treats on the couch. I was willing to share with the puppies but, surprisingly, they don’t like yogurt drops. Go figure.

Flopsy the Killer Cat does not like dogs

Flopsy the Killer Cat is spending the week with us and it turns out he really does not like dogs. Not at all. The puppies figured this out pretty quickly.

A short video of me with the puppies

I really wish I could teach those puppies to scratch my stomach.

Watching House

Time for a nap

After Sheldon and the puppies left, it was time to relax and recover from all the excitement. Flopsy chose to watch a little TV. He seems to like the show House, but I can tell him the plot of every episode: House is wrong three times, then he’s right and he saves the patient’s life. I decided to take a little nap on the couch. Or is it a sofa? Or a divan? Or a love seat? Or a capybara bed.


8 comments to Puppy Play Date

  • francine

    What an exciting life you have, Gari! And you get braver by the day, I swear. I still would keep an eye on those puppies, though.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Even though Sheldon brings puppy “baggage”; he looks like a good friend; and he DOES bring yogurt drops AND gives belly scratches! You were SO GOOD with the puppies. Mayben even when they get bigger, you won’t be afraid of them ‘cuz you will have known them since they were little. It’s nice that you scratched the puppies belly with your nose – that probably felt good!

    A nap was a GOOD idea after all the visitors and excitement!

  • You are very brave with those dog things, but you need to learn to chase that cat! Chasing cats is really great fun!

  • rosenatti

    Oh God. So cute.

  • Glad that you & the puppies are becoming friends. Maybe when they get older they will be slower and then tag will be more fun? But my goodness, Flopsy really doesn’t like the puppies!
    This was an amusing post. 🙂

  • Laurie Coppola

    Puppies can do plenty of running on their own, so you can be their solid, slower friend 🙂 Flopsy has the right idea, as killer cats and rambunctious puppies don’t tend to mix well. I am so glad you are getting used to dogs, at least in puppy size. No, they aren’t at all good at giving tummy rubs. Puppies generally get by on cuteness alone 🙂

  • Cutie

    I love those animals

  • […] when Sheldon came over. I was suspicious right away because he didn’t have the puppies, Juju and Tali, with him. Why would he come here without the puppies? Then my worst fears were confirmed when […]

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