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Hello! It’s me again, Mudskipper Rous. MelT has decided that I have to test my cuteness level to see if I’m cute enough to have a blog. I admit, I might not be as cute and Garibaldi or Caplin, but I am doing my best. If I get a lot of (positive) comments, I get to continue. Otherwise…

Sleeping on my ferret.

Sleeping on my ferret.

You might recall that I have a black-footed ferret plush animal. Did you know that I often use it as a pillow when i’m sleeping? I don’t know if this is cute for me, but my ferret looks very cute.

Like most capybaras (I am assuming), I like playing with plush toys and I have a lot of them.

YouTube Preview Image

The video above shows me playing with my plush tamandua. A tamandua is also called a lesser anteatre, but I don’t think any less of him. He’s soft and he has a convenient tag to pick him up with.

Me. Driftwood, and Coral

Me. Driftwood, and Coral

Maybe I look cuter with a human in the photo. Driftwood is trying to help me out with this one. I wanted to chew on Coral’s hair, but for some reason, humans don’t like that.

Climbing on Coral

Climbing on Coral

I’m still pretty shy but I know humans can’t grab me while I’m climbing on their back. I think you might find this cute because I look like a masseuse. Maybe one of those that has tiny feet and walks on your back. Only my feet aren’t tiny.

Capy in the grass

Capy in the grass

Here I am walking in the grass outside. I have heard that humans like baby wild animals. I look pretty wild in this photo, except for the harness…and the leash.

In the wilds of the pond!

In the wilds of the pond!

Look at me! I’m at the pond. And I’m even thinking of going in. That’s a lot like a wild baby capybara. Only they wouldn’t be thinking about it I suppose. I did go swimming the next day when I knew MelT didn’t have her camera. This test is a pop quiz so I din’t know it was coming. If I’d known, I would have let her bring her camera.

Driftwood is a good friend.

Driftwood is a good friend.

Driftwood is going to help me out on this test. Everyone knows he is the cutest cat in the world. With his help I am sure to pass. Thanks little buddy!. (I get to call him that because I’m bigger than him now.)

On the fireplace with a snake

On the fireplace with a snake

Driftwood knows all the cute poses. Oh, and that’s not a real snake. It’s made out of railroad spikes. It can’t even move let alone stragulate a baby capybara.

Chewing on Driftwood's ears

Chewing on Driftwood’s ears

I’m not sure if this is cute or not. I sure like chewing his ears though.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a video showing me doing it. You can see that Driftwood really likes it.

What? Driftwood got the gold and I only got silver?

What? Driftwood got the gold and I only got silver?

I don’t mind getting second place in the cuteness contest as long as I’m second to Driftwood. He’s my buddy.

How'a this for cute?

How’a this for cute?

Okay, I’m running out of options. If a baby capybara begging for a bottle doesn’t do it, I have only one more thing to try.

YouTube Preview Image

Now it’s time to make your decision. Am I cute enough or not? I appreciate honesty, as long as it’s positive. Please let me know which photo or video you think is cutest so I can work on perfecting it.

Thanks for your help!


43 comments to Cuteness Test

  • Brennan

    You’re a baby capybara with a cat. You’re the definition of cute.

  • gordon

    standing up! adorbZ!

  • Wendy Law

    Hi Mudskipper, I really like all the pictures. You are so cute in everyone of them. Love you pal Driftwood and all your stuffies. They are all favourites but since you asked for one I have to go with the baby capybara begging for a bottle. I sure hope you continue with your blog. Thanks for making my day.

  • Lisa D

    MelT is as silly as Garibaldi always said she was if she thinks you’re not every bit as worthy of a blog as your predecessors! Hard to pick a favorite picture, but I think it’s “Capymassage” by an adorable whisker.

  • Begging for the bottle is cutest of course.

    Uh, that’s a giant anteater plus but I don’t blame you for pretending it’s a tamandua. Tamanduas are awesome but hard to come by in plush form.

  • Elizabeth

    Of course doing a trick like begging for your bottle is cute! Adding your cat in, though, is always a winner.

  • Nina

    Muddy, you are super duper cute! Love your popcorning around like my guinea pig!

  • Cheryl P

    I think you are the cutest animal I have ever seen!

  • cheryl

    Oh my goodness, yes you’re cute – you’re a capybara after all. Why would anyone doubt that? Begging for the bottle gets my vote even though it doesn’t matter if it’s a bottle or not. That cute nose and big curious eyes do the trick.

  • Alex gledhill

    mudskipper is the cutest thing ever. Xx

  • ladyclodia

    Muddy, you are utterly adorable and painfully cute! I’d say you pass the test with flying colors!

  • robin

    Cute way more than enough!:-)

  • Nikki

    I find you adorable, Mudskipper.

  • Dawn

    Of course you’re cute enough! Anyone who says differently doesn’t have a clue.

    It’s a tough decision, but if I must choose, I’d say the pic where you’re chewing Driftwood’s ears is the cutest.

  • Tammy Ebner

    You are the cutest baby Capy ever! I really enjoyed your pictures.

  • I vote for the ” baby capybara begging for a bottle” for 1st place and the video of him trying to get under the covers. Perhaps Driftwood can help him out in the covering up department!

  • N. Fritz

    I vote super-cute! Can’t imagine life without a capybara blog in it! Blog on, Mudskipper! Blog on!

  • Kristy

    Muddy, you’re always cute! You’re a capybara! How could anyone say otherwise? They must be thinking of a different Mudskipper. I think my favorite is digging in the blankets. My guinea pigs do that too. But honestly, you’re cute in everything you do.

  • francine

    maybe Melly could come up with some kind of capy-cam wher we could watch you and Driftwood all the time! you are too cute not to share!

  • Frank Yaeger

    Cute squared! My favorite picture is the first one of you saying Hello.

  • Misha

    You most certainly pass the cuteness test. You and Driftwood are adorable. I loved following both Caplin and Gari on this blog, and now I look forward to following all of your posts.

    I love the picture of you snuggling with your ferret 🙂

  • Rosemary

    Mudskipper, no question, you CRUSHED the cuteness test. You and Driftwood are adorable.

  • Kaz

    You and Driftwood are adorable! Can’t beat a capybara hanging out with a cat for cuteness.

  • rosenatti

    You are cuteness incarnate. Also a capybara. Perfection.

  • MicheleM

    You are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat McQuinn

    little Muddy one you pass all the cuteness tests in my book.

  • Donna

    Cuteness overload. I wish I could visit you.

  • You are very cute Muddy! I like the video of you going to bed, specially when Driftwood tries to help you!

  • Selena

    You’re so cute you go off the cuteness scale entirely. xx0x0 <3

  • Steven Harris

    I love your little capybara hand (well, foot, but it looks like a hand) on Driftwood’s back. Very cute. Send more.

  • Jill

    You have my vote!

  • Tammy

    You are beyond cute!!

  • Gemma

    All super-cute – but the video of you nibbling Driftwood’s ears takes the prize, you are the sweetest pair

  • Fred Ross

    Thumbs up 1,000% for Mudskipper on the cuteness-o-meter. He looks like he’s easily twice as big as he was just a few weeks ago. Can you let us all know how long he is and how much he weighs when you post each time? Your postings are absolutely great! (Like the little guy himself, of course.)

  • Stephanie

    Hello Mudskipper! Even your name is adorable- you’re a natural! I like the photo of you sleeping with your ferret- nothing like a good friend and a little rest:) Please keep posting- I’m always showing your posts off to friends and exclaiming- you guessed it!- “Isn’t he CUTE?!”

  • Megan

    Muddy, MelT is silly, or perhaps she doesn’t have as much energy as you and doesn’t want to keep the blog anymore. I cannot think of a more deserving or cute capybara to have a blog. I love your updates, especially with Driftwood.

  • Rawil

    You guys are all so cute! Muddy, Driftwood, WBBII! Please,continue in the same way!!!

  • Mingles' Mommy

    Of course he’s cute… he’s the sweetest!

  • Milana

    So cute. SO SO CUTE!

  • Trudy

    You are just so adorable. It is hard to pick one favorite pose. Thank you Dobby for posting the link to the stalker one, I almost missed the cuteness overload. Seeing this just made my day.

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